May 21, 2015

“Trojka iz Bloka” held in Nis

Report: SFS Belgrade /PHOTO GALLERY/
For the second time in a row, residents of Nis showed what a successful “Trojka iz bloka” really is! They helped their fellow townspeople by showing their good will, beautiful energy, unity and by holding a great tournament, which had 136 shooters and raised 50,250 RSD! The Charity organization “Serbs for Serbs” and the Student-Pupil Association “ORNAS”, together with their proud sponsors, donors and technical sponsors of the sports-charity “Trojka iz Bloka” event, wish to congratulate the residents of Nis, who, together with the Gocic family, won the biggest victory of all -  they showed the strength of love and unity.

We expect the city municipality Medijana and the Association of Independent Unions of the city of Nis to make contributions in the total amount of 30,000 RSD, which means that residents of Nis raised 80,250 RSD this year, and this money will help build and fit out the bathroom for the seven-member Gocic family from Gornji Matvejevac, near Nis.

In the beautiful evening, at 6PM, at the courts of “Sveti Sava” Primary School in Nis, there were lots of cheerful people. When the national anthem of the Republic of Serbia, “Boze Pravde,” was performed by Todor Kitanovic, a student of “Dusko Radovic” Primary School from Nis, the event was officially opened. Then the youngest took over and continued to make everybody’s day – the “Carolija” Children’s Choir from Nis sang the songs: “Bavite se Sportom” by Sasa Bozovic and Leontina Vukomanovic, and “Glavo luda” by the legend of Serbian music, Zdravko Colic.

After the beautiful opening ceremony, spectators were addressed by representatives of the Charity organization “Serbs for Serbs” and the sports-charity “Trojka iz Bloka” project, Mladen Matijasevic and Milos Simovic, and after them, also the vice president of the Sports Association of the city of Nis, Predrag Przic, and the city sports alderman, Milan Nesic. After the welcome speeches, the tournament was opened with shots by Predrag Przic and Milan Nesic. Television crews of Kopernikus Nis and Nis Television were on the spot and shot this beautiful event in Nis for the whole world to see, and the Sports Association of the city of Nis provided the camera drone, so the tournament in Nis will have the incredible air footage.

Out of 136 shooters, the most successful was Dusan Projovic, who took home the “Trojka iz Bloka” trophy and the gold medal. Milos Miljkovic won the second place and the silver medal, while the third place and the bronze medal was shared by Marko Stefanovic and Uros Pesic. In the final series, there was an unintentional oversight during counting of the three point shots scored by Uros Pesic, who was given one three point shot less, but this injustice was corrected. Once again, we wish to offer our apologies to young Uros, with a promise that the bronze medal will be sent to him as soon as possible.

The “Trojka” of Nis this year has four winners, seven rewarded members of the Gocic family, and lots of medals for humaneness for all those who came and supported the tournament in their own way! We wish to give special thanks to members of FC “Red Star” from Nis, who came as a team to support the tournament this year, as well as last year. We also wish to thank members of the Institute for Science and Art, who came from Belgrade and supported the “Trojka iz Bloka” project. This tournament was supported by the esteemed sponsor of the event – the “Agi Pasta Away” fast food restaurants, as well as the Sports Association of the city of Nis.

The second “Trojka” in Nis will also be remembered by performances of the most famous Nis rappers, Furio Giunta, Demonio and Mali Mire. These talented guys showed their skills with the microphone and joined the proud musicians who, with their lyrics and music, support and represent the “Trojka iz Bloka” in the best light possible.

During the whole tournament, the audio mixer was in the skillful hands of the official DJ of the “Trojka iz Bloka” and a member of the famous Belgrade hip hop group THC la Familia, DJ Sale L, who always understands and feels the atmosphere at the tournament and replies to it with great music. Fun, sport, humaneness – another victory in Nis!

Be a part of “Trojka iz Bloka!”

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