May 31, 2016

“Trojka iz Bloka” held in Nis

The third Trojka iz Blokatournament in Nis was held on May 22, and this time, 117 shooters and three proud sponsors raised 51,130 Dinars for a brighter future of their neighbors! 25,130 Dinars were raised from participation fees, and Skyhosting, KafanaGalija and 1x2 Barbar sponsored the project with 26,000 Dinars! This way, Nis residents once again showed that people’s suffering cannot leave them indifferent. On the contrary – it gathers them around solving the problem! A large number of visitors complemented the impression, and once again the urban music scene from Nis performed for the humane people.

They performed together with THC La Familija, Furio Djunta, Mali Mire, Demonio and Uncle JO, and the tournament was opened with the anthem of the Republic of Serbia sung by Todor Kitanovic, a student of “Sveti Sava” primary school, which was once again the host of the sports-charity project Trojka iz Bloka.

We have already written about the Stevanovic family, and now we are waiting to finish what we have started and to announce the new success in Nis. Charity organization Serbs for Serbs and Youth Association ORNAS from Nis continue helping socially disadvantaged multiple children families in the Nis area. We would like to thank all those who have been helping all these years and who have enabled this tournament to go smoothly. These are our proud sponsors, our participants, volunteers and fans, who follow the tournaments worldwide.

 Greeting for all Trojkas from Stefan THCF!

 Beauties of Trojka iz Bloka Nis

The best among the Nis Trojkas were Bosko Begovic with 29 shots and a deserved gold medal and the Trojka iz Bloka trophy, Nikola Marinkovic, who won a silver medal and had two shots less, and Igor Jocic with 16 shots and a bronze medal.

 Silver, gold and bronze from Nis

Hundreds of 3-pointers were flying for the new beehives of the Stojanovic family, and now we are all together closer to that goal – Trojka iz Bloka once again restores hope for a better tomorrow of our children, because – CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE! 

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