June 04, 2016

"Trojka iz bloka" held in New York

On May 21st, 2016, Serbs for Serbs USA made history and started a new tradition. The Charity 3-Point Shooting tournament "Trojka iz bloka" was held for the first time ever in New York City. A huge step forward in helping Serbian families in the Balkans, this tournament represents a wonderful event that merges charity and sports like no other.


The scene for the First Ever “Trojka iz bloka” New York was set in historic Harlem, for some, considered the Shrine of street basketball! Serbs for Serbs New York, joined by SFS members from Chicago and Washington, organized the tournament at the historic basketball courts of St. Nicholas Park. Surrounded by beautiful architecture and curious neighbors, the event was the attraction of the day to say the least! Local neighborhood leaders approached our group to give words of welcome and encouragement. They were very supportive of what we were doing and where the help was going.





The first ever “Trojka iz bloka” in New York had all of the elements of the now well established global tournament. There were old and young competitors, families, athletes, locals and visitors from afar. After 3 rounds, the clear favorites headed into the finals. With quality shooting and suburb accuracy, the winner of the tornament literally came down to the final shot! On the last shot of the tournament, Nemanja Jokic took the lead by one and thus took the trophy for 1st place and therefore became the first ever Champion of the “Trojka iz bloka” in New York! Second place went to a now Trojka regular, Nikola Josipovic of Chicago. Nikola took 2nd place in Chicago last year, along with 4th place in Mladenovac last summer. 3rd place went to local Sava Vesic who also impressed with his majestic vocals for the intonation of the national anthem of Serbia, Boze Pravde. A total of $ 1,316 in donations was raised at the end of the tournament.




Successfull tournament and new friendships marked the first ever "Trojka iz bloka" in New York City

After the tournament was completed, a large contingent of volunteers and competitors went to visit the devastated Serbian church of St. Sava. The level of destruction was heart breaking! God willing, the church will be rebuilt swiftly! After visiting the church, the group went to a celebratory dinner at the Serbian restaurant Kafana in the East Village part of New York City. Kafana was a sponsor for the “Trojka iz bloka” NY tournament and provided a $100 dinner for the winner.

Members and friends of the Serbs for Serbs charity in front of the St. Sava church in New York

Current look of the St. Sava churhc
A lot of preparation and work went into creating this first time event, and the hope is that this will be the beginning of an annual tradition for New York.


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