June 08, 2016

“Trojka iz bloka” held in Linz, Austria

The first tournament Trojka iz bloka in the European Union was held in Linz, Austria on May 21, and we raised incredible 3,136 EUR! The event of utmost significance for the Serbian diaspora started with the projection of the documentary “Children”, and in the donor box in front of the hall 323 EUR was collected. The great introduction to the day of humanity, sport and fun was the charity tournament in basket 3 on 3, and the applications for it brought 205 EUR. During the manifestation, the selling of food and drinks brought 677 EUR. A lot of competitors applied to shoot three-pointers, and the applications for it brought 355 EUR! The beginning and the end of the tournament in Austria were marked by music – during the performance of KUD Ostrog we collected 50 EUR, and during the charity concert held by Skabo, Uncle Jo and Eldorado we collected 491 EUR!

The team has arrived – Skabo, Uncle Jo and Milos Simovic

Basketball as a warming-up for the three-pointer shots

Wonderful picture of the united diaspora in which everyone contributed a little bit but we gained a lot to help the socially disadvantaged multiple children families! Our proud sponsors in Linz supported the mission of Trojka iz bloka – the City of Linz, Magistrate of the City of Linz, Representative Office of the Republic of Srpska in the Republic of Austria, the Serbian Club Vidovdan, online platform Vozi.me, Hemingway music and jazz bar, Edelvajs restaurant and café, 1389 streetwear, Café Lav, Café Barflaj and Ninos barber shop.

Photo from Skabo’s performance

We thank our proud sponsors, donors and technical sponsors who helped us to hold successful tournament in Austria. The magic of Trojka iz bloka is conquering Europe! The winners of the tournament in basket 3 on 3 were the Kings of Mamba, and the winners of the first Austrian tournament in fast three-pointer shots were Miki Matic (first place), Milos Blagojevic (second place) and Goran Selic (third place), respectively. We congratulate the winners and we congratulate the humane Serbs from Austria who presented the magic of Trojka iz bloka in the best possible way!

The best three-pointer shooters in Linz

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