April 15, 2015

“Trojka iz bloka” held in Kraljevo

On Monday, April 13, 2015, at noon sharp, one of the most successful “Trojka iz bloka” tournaments started in Kraljevo at the open sports courts on the bank of the river Ibar. A large number of people gathered on this beautiful day of the most joyous Easter holiday and the egg tapping contest started immediately. And incredibly, 163 contestants entered for the Three-Point Shooting Tournament and 91,160 RSD was raised. Having such a huge response, Kraljevo tournament has stood side by side with the last year’s tournament held at Kalemegdan Fortress, which is considered to be the most successful.



The tournament was officially opened by Milos Simovic, on behalf of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs and the “Trojka iz bloka” project, and Vladimir Todorovic, on behalf of the Charity organization “Dobro na dar” from Kraljevo. After the solemn intonation of the national anthem of the Republic of Serbia, “Boze pravde”, performed by members of the choir of the “Zivan MaricicPrimary School from Zica, the student of this school, Momcilo Gajovic, recited a poem by Ljubivoje Rsumovic, “Zdravica srpskom narodu”, and the student, Marija Janicijevic, sang the song, “Ej, dragi, dragi, bozurove sadi.”


After this solemn and touching beginning, the tournament was opened with three-point shots by Ivan Petrovic, the coach and owner of the FC “Apolon” from Kraljevo, and Igor Pesic, one of the seven children in the Pesic family from the village of Samajla, which the funds raised at the tournament are designated to.


Sponsors and benefactors of the tournament raised a sum of 91,160 RSD in donations. This money was raised thanks to all kindhearted people and true sports lovers. It is no surprise, then, that so many sports clubs from Kraljevo, together with their members, supported the tournament held at the open sports courts on the bank of the river Ibar. Three-Pointers were shot by FC “Apolon” Kraljevo, Basketball and Handball Club “Sloga” Kraljevo, BC “Play” Kraljevo, BC “Roling” Kraljevo, FC “Kiker” Kraljevo, PVK Kraljevo, Karate Club “King” Kraljevo, “Krav Maga Global” Kraljevo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu Kraljevo, and also members of the Women’s Basketball Club Kraljevo, who were the ornament of the tournament.




The first-place winner was Matija Petrovic with 22 three-point shots, the second-place winner was Stevan Karapandzic, with 20 three-point shots, and the third-place winner was Vladimir Perovic with 18 three-point shots. During the break preceding the finals, there was a performance by the rap artist, Uncle Joe, while DJ Drxy and DJ Kibo were in charge of the music. Beside these guys, the ones that ensured good atmosphere and great show by demonstrating their skills were also members of the Karate club “King” Kraljevo, Brazilian ju-jitsu Kraljevo and “Krav Maga Global” Kraljevo, as well as members of the Svebor group “Sveti knez Lazar” from Kraljevo.



We wish to thank Kraljevo and its residents for the unforgettable tournament, all the participants for their selfless help and our sponsor, “Gala marketfrom Kraljevo for their contribution of 7,000 RSD, all the sportspeople and people of good will. The proud “Trojka iz bloka” leaves Kraljevo and moves on with great hope in the goodness of our people, which was shown today by the residents of Kraljevo in the nicest way possible.



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