September 08, 2016

“Trojka iz bloka” held in Kragujevac

On Saturday, September 3 in the Great Park in Kragujevac, the fourth sports-charity spectacle Trojka iz bloka was held. 83 shooters gathered 19,980 RSD with their applications, and with the help of three proud sponsors and donors a total of 37,580 RSD was collected! The best tournament in the heart of Sumadija so far was organized by the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs, with the help of the Association of Youth and Clean Serbia Movement. The cooperation that is taking place for the fourth year in a row, once again guaranteed the quality and success of the tournament in rapid kicking triples. Many volunteers and dear guests enjoyed with DJs Muki and Paja Koba33a, and the tournament lasted until late in the evening. From the youngest to the oldest, everyone enjoyed watching the myriad of triplets, and everyone’s heart was full because they know that they are part of a mission to help socially disadvantaged families!

Greetings from Kragujevac!

After the anthem of the Republic of Serbia God of Justice was played, the tournament was officially opened. Milos Simovic welcomed the gathered crowd and handed the microphone to Kristina Koturanovic and Aleksandar Aleksic who led the program. Triplet shooters swung into action and the Great Park revived with the sounds of whistles, banging balls and high quality music. The full stands were cheering and supporting the shooters, and during the break, rappers from Kragujevac, Cuba and Pablo, performed.

Paja Koba33 opening the tournament with the first triplet

The youngest competitor Dimitrije

The proud sponsors who supported the tournament in Kragujevac were Creperie Peron and Watchout Security with 7,000 RSD each, and the proud donor with 3,600 RSD and support on the tournament was the Red Devils fan group. BC Radnicki and American Football Wild Boar Club have also been support for the fourth tournament in Kragujevac, and each in their own way contributed to the new success.

Cuba, Pablo and DJ Muki

The title of the best triplet shooters of Kragujevac will proudly be worn, until next year, by Luka Urosevic (gold), Bogdan Jovanovic (silver) and Milos Vasic (bronze). Congratulations to the champions! Congratulations and gratitude go to all those who have supported our project, especially the Association of Youth and Clean Serbia Movement, whose dedication and an army of volunteers contributed to this tournament to the greatest extent.

Dimitrije, Bogdan, Luka and Milos – four champions of the fourth tournament in Kragujevac!

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