August 26, 2016

“Trojka iz bloka” held in Kozarska Dubica

The fourth tournament in the Republic of Srpska in the Jubilee fifth season of Trojka iz bloka was held on August 15 in Kozarska Dubica with 139 competitors who have earned 1,025 BAM and 20 EUR and thus became the absolute record before Pale, Banja Luka, Vlasenica and Trebinje! The fields of the Sports Centre Kozarska Dubica were too small to accommodate all guests who wanted to experience the magic of Trojka iz bloka! In the glorious town of hero Milan Tepic even 28 proud sponsors, donors and technical and media sponsors supported the tournament and collected a total of 3,145 BAM!


At the beginning of the first spectacle in Dubica, the gathered crowd was greeted by spokesman Milos Simovic on behalf of the Charity Organization Serbs for Serbs, and then successively by Deputy Mayor of Kozarska Dubica municipality Dragan Jacimovic and Arnel Nesimovic - Karmi, one of the organizers of the tournament at the foot of Mount Kozara.

Children are our future!
Our brothers from THC La Familija, Karmi and Bendzi, DMG and Coda who specifically for this occasion came from Laktasi, performed at an extremely-attended tournament. The magic coxless pair Triki and Little Stanoje delighted the large audience by performing tricks with the ball and spreading good spirit to everyone else!

Little Stanoje and Triki

Stefan and Bore

Karmi and Bendzi

We thank all those who contributed to organize another dream-like tournament, especially Marko, Karmi, Goran, Maki, Buva, Darko, Rasic and others from Dubica, as well as the Basketball Association of the Republic of Srpska and the Municipality of Dubica. The list of proud sponsors, donors and technical and media sponsors is exceptional: Municipality of Kozarska Dubica has paid 700 BAM, Nightclub ABC and Health Center “Kozma and Damjan” have paid 150 BAM each, Catering services Obucina, Prima, Sumil Ltd., Djurdjevic Ltd., Lounge Bar Marsal, AMD Kozarska Dubica, Café Bar Kastrum, Biro Sweden, Sber Bank and Butchery Bacon have paid 100 KM each.

The donors were war veterans and the Ethno restaurant “Stara civija” with 50 BAM each and Café Bar Domino with 20 BAM each. The technical sponsors were Fest food Silvester, Handball Club Kozara, Café Bar Zebrano, Rock Band Zohari, Tourist Board of Kozarska Dubica, Bakery Maric and the Basketball Association of the Republic of Srpska, while the media support came from the Center for Information and Culture Kozarska Dubica, Radio Television Kozarska Dubica, Public Broadcast Service RTRS, Radio Feniks Kozarska Dubica and portal Our Rap Our Town. Thanks to a young photographer Zeljko Boscanin we have the best photos from the tournament, and next to him Ibro-photo from Kozarska Dubica followed the tournament to the very end with his camera.

The best triplet shooter was Dragan Pekic with 18 triples, the second place was won by Marija Palija who won the hearts of the audience with 17 hits, and on the third place was Miso Drljic with 16 pointed triplets.

Greeting from the best triplet shooters at the foot of Kozara

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