September 01, 2016

“Trojka iz bloka” held in Crepaja

The sports-charity spectacle “Trojka iz bloka” was held for the fourth time this season in Southern Banat, and now the premiere was reserved for Crepaja, in the municipality of Kovacica! Wonderful local people have shared with us their most joyous days, days of celebrating the Assumption, and they included Trojka iz bloka in the rich seven-day programme! The mission of the project, which is helping the socially disadvantaged multiple children families was strengthened with these wonderful town in Banat, and we collected aid in the amount of 39,670 RSD! The most beautiful values of our people were found on the basketball tournaments of elementary school “Sava Zebeljan” and with singing, playing, and smiling, the joy of charity, the spirit of sport and the power of friendship and good fun were celebrated for the 33rd time this season!


We started with the most solemn song – the anthem of the Republic of Serbia, God of Justice, and afterwards Milos Simovic on behalf of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs thanked everyone who came to the first tournament in Crepaja, and especially proud sponsors and donors, as well as Davor, Maga, Vlada and Milos, who turned the great desire into reality and realized the project in their place.

Love for basketball and love for one's neighbor is a universal language recognized by all the people of good will around the world. You do not need to be precise from the three-point line in order to fight against poverty by playing basketball! It is sufficient to gather and together show how many of us there are, and that our neighbors in need are not alone! Crepaja showed that by all its heart! The motorbikes roared loudly at the very start of the tournament, as the tournaments of Trojka iz bloka are echoing loud and clear wherever they show up!

Milos Simovic and Speed Hunters with friends

The noise of bikers from motorcycle club Speed Hunters invited all who might not have known that the tournament is being held, to hurry up to the school grounds and see a unique image that is seen only in our tournaments! The youngest handball players from ORK Crepaja, as well as the youngest folk dancers from KUD St. Sava were amazed watching the motorbikes on the basketball field, while the ball retrievers from KK Druzina Kozlovac enjoyed the fact that they are sharing the fields with the bikers for the first time.

Handball players and folk dancers

The magic of Trojka iz bloka with this kind of support was shown in full glory in Crepaja. Boys and girls from KUD St. Sava were playing two folk dances, dances of Serbia and dances of Bela Palanka, and they brought two generations of folk dancers, the youngest ones and somewhat older. It’s beautiful when the youth is gathered around the Serbian tradition, when the heirs with their hearts, spirits and bodies, feel the beauty of our national dances.

The dance begun to spin round and it drew smiles, and then the balls begun to spin round, and 62 contestants went into the game. The best three-pointer shooters gathered 16,670 RSD by their applications and organized the exciting competition for the gathered crowd!

A proud sponsor and donors have supported the tournament with 23,000 RSD. Proud sponsor Grin life paid 7,000 RSD, and donors who have recognized and supported the mission of Trojka iz bloka were Pharmacy Diona with 5,000 RSD, Krstic vegetables with 4,000 RSD, Fiscal system, Bakery Tajna and Moto Club Speed Hunters Crepaja with 2,000 RSD each, Exchange Office SiS with 1,000 RSD. OK PHOTO – Filip Stevanovic photographed the tournament and kicked triplets with us, while the MZ Crepaja provided refreshments.

Champions of the fourth tournament in Southern Banat were: Ivan Ruzic with 14 hits for the gold, Vladimir Krcadinac with 13 silver triples and Petar Nikolic, who won the bronze medal, losing to Vladimir for five additional points in the fight for medals after the initial tie score.

Champions surrounded by Trojka iz bloka team

Good fun in Crepaja lasted until late in the evening, then continued on motorcycle rally organized by Speed Hunters, and at the fair, which is set in the center, less than a hundred meters from the school yard. People from Crepaja, thank you for everything and see you again next year!

Greetings from Crepaja!

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