August 23, 2016

“Trojka iz bloka” held in Boljevac

August 2, the day of the Holy Prophet Elijah, was marked by the spectacle Trojka iz bloka in Boljevac the third time in a row. At exactly 19 o’clock at the terrain near the park, the anthem of the Republic of Serbia, God of Justice, was welcomed by 93 shooters and our dear guests. Triplet shooters from Boljevac gathered 19,560 RSD, and the two proud sponsors and even 19 proud sponsors have contributed to collection of the total amount of 83,560 RSD! After two successful tournaments and two successful completed mission of aid to socially disadvantaged multiple children families, Boljevac has set a personal record by the number of shooters and the number of the proud sponsors and donors!

Greetings from Boljevac!

In the organization of the Sports Association of the Municipality of Boljevac and the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs, another successful action will be carried out, which will change the future of those who need it urgently. Trojka iz bloka is the best way to organize help from the wonderful tournament to the beautiful smile of those being helped.

Little Stanoje and big fans
Milos Simovic, a spokesman of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs reminded the gathered inhabitants of Boljevac of all the successes. Afterwards, Stevan Dragojevic, one of the organizers and a representative of the Sports Association of the Municipality of Boljevac, who is one of the most deserving for organizing Trojka iz bloka the third year in a row in the scope of the basket Tournament 3x3, thanked the participants, sponsors and donors.

NO SURRENDER: Dragojevic and Simovic

Incredible work and effort invested by Stevan Dragojevic in basketball this year experienced a crown – first, as a head coach of BC Rtanj, he won the championship and won promotion to a higher rank, then at the coaching seminar in Belgrade he got the award for coach of the year, and then last night he won the basketball tournament 3x3 and the tournament Trojka iz bloka! Marjan Milosevic won silver with a basket less, scoring 16 triples, and Milos Gocic with 15 triplets won the bronze!

TROJKA IZ BLOKA – a team which knows no defeat!

Silver, gold and bronze triplet shooters from Boljevac

Once again, our sports-charity project, confirmed that it is in the company of champions! Our brothers from THC La Familija have performed and led the programme on the third tournament at the foot of Rtanj and they were helped by Pedja Vasic – Little Stanoje. Triki was again greeted in Boljevac as a world star, which he deserved, and the children treated him with great honor when, as last year, they demanded that he wrote down on their T-shirts and balls!

Proud sponsors who have supported the project were SZTR Amigo Boljevac and Lezetra Ltd. with 10,000 RSD each, and the proud donors were: Lefter Ltd. Bor and FPM Agromeh, AD Boljevac with 5,000 RSD each, STR Radnik Boljevac, Geodesy project office, Jaran cars Boljevac and New Alternative with 3,000 RSD each, AMS Istok Ltd. 2,500 RSD, SZ Crin Boljevac, MJ Gileum Ltd., Stefkom Ltd., Stonework Shop Granit, PVC 030 SZ, Marija Trailovic and My Place Café with 2,000 RSD each, Dinamik 1,500 RSD. Uca, Hemiko Plus, Radisa D. and UR Ims Rose with 1,000 RSD each.

Good, better and in the end the best Trojka at the foot of the magical mountain Rtanj. By fostering true values and gathering people around them, our tournaments rapidly conquered the hearts of the youngest, oldest, moms, dads, friends, and passers-by! From the bloc, over Rtanj, and all over the world! See part of the magic in great video produced by the Sport Association of Boljevac.

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