February 19, 2016

Trojka iz bloka – darts tournament in Zemun

On Saturday, February 13, in Zemun in the café Semlin the first charity darts tournament took place. “Trojka iz bloka” with the personnel of the café Semlin is proud to announce that we raised 34,710 RSD which will be used to provide the video surveillance for Gorazdevac in Kosmet! The difficult days of the Serbian people have worsened by the unstable security situation and the video surveillance is the solution which will contribute to the more normal life and growing up of the Serbian children in Gorazdevac. Zemun showed that there are many ways to help. Through socialization and sport competition we sent a clear picture in the world – NO SURRENDER – KOSMET IS SERBIA!

Socializing in Semlin lasted all day long, and at night serious team for dart competition gathered on the tournament. Girls and boys took turns on two positions and they gave serious sport image to the big charity action. Darts were flying and applications were arriving until we declared the best – it was Jovan Maljkovic. The runner-up was the great friend of “Trojka iz bloka” Vladimir Lukic, while Dragan Simic took the third place.

Bronze, gold and silver: congratulations!

We thank everyone who came to Semlin and supported the Serbian people on Kosovo and Metohija. CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE, and children in Gorazdevac need security above all! Everyone can help, piece by piece, and we will fulfill our goal! The Zemun residents showed us how, and it is an example everyone should follow!

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