April 17, 2016

Tractor for Todorovic family

Members of the Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS from Belgrade visited the seven-member Todorovic family from the village Vodice near Smederevska Palanka. We have helped the Todorovics on severaloccasions, and this time we helped them by donating 75,000 RSD necessary for the purchase of a used tractor. The tractor came with two attachments (a bucketbasket and a farm trailer). There are five children in the TodorovicfamilyNjegos (16), Jovana (14), Jovan (12), Luka (10), Stefan (9).

Jovan, Luka, and Stefan Todorovic in front of their tractor in the yard
The Todorovics have contacted us recently with a new problem. Their son, Jovan, has had health problems his whole life, with over 20 operations and interventions on his chest so far. Unfortunately, a few months ago, he also had a tumor, which was removed quickly. Still, due to skin thinning and frequent wound opening, as well as regular therapies, the mother is forced to take him more often to Belgrade for check-ups and therapies, so the family’s expenses have become much bigger now.

Father of the family, Ratko Todorovic, with the tractor

The family lives on occasional daily wages, cattle breeding, and agriculture, so they decided to buy a used tractor, which would reduce their expenses of hiring a tractor from their neighbors, which costs a lot of money. We decided to help them with that by donating 75,000 RSD which they still needed to buy the tractor.
We are extremely satisfied to have met the needs of the Todorovics, because they are very honorable and hard working family, who used all the aid they received from us in a wise way, and thus showed us gratitude in the best possible way. When we provided them with new beds and a fridge, fitted out the bathroom, reconstructed the roof, in return they maintained the house in perfect order. When we provided them with a calf, they built a straw-bale stable and started breeding goats, sheep and pigs. Today, instead of the calf, they have two big cows which are now pregnant.




The family did not stop at that. Hard working householder, Ratko, started digging out a fishpond inside his small estate in order to breed the fish for the needs of his family and also for sale.

Soon-to-be new fishpond in the Todorovic family household

Not only have we significantly improved the living conditions of the Todorovic family and helped them to continue earning money for themselves, but we have also given them new hope, because they are not the same BEFORE and AFTER our visits. Their eyes full of gratitude are a reward enough for us and all our donors worldwide, who make all this possible with their selfless donations!

Todorovic family sends regards and extends gratitude to all donors worldwide а

We would like to invite you to continue with sending regular monthly donations, so we can make many other families happy in the same way!

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