August 12, 2014

Tractor for family Rabota from Pale
Report: Dobrina Kusmuk, R. Srpska /BILLS and CONFIRMATION/
Charity organization Serbs for Serbs in the Republic of Srpska finished big project of helping family Rabota from Pale, which consisted in providing an used tractor (in the amount of 8.500 KM) for their household. The family consists of father Vlajko (61), mother Zdravka (51) and their four daughters: Ana (24), Ivana (23), Lala (19) and Jovana (12). Ana is a student of journalism in Pale, Ivana is studying Serbian language, Lala is in highschool for cookery, while Jovana is in elementary school.

Although Vlajko is from Pale, he used to live and work in Sarajevo. During the war he flew to Pale and joined the Republic of Srpska Army. After living in cottage and in rented place, Zdravka's father replaced his property in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the Muslim house in Pale, which Zdravka is now sharing with her brothers.

Vlajko has land in his property. He and his wife like living in the country, so they share a dream of building a house on the country, purchasing the livestock and farming, and thus securing the future of their children. The house in which they currently live is very small, because one of Zdravka's brothers also live in it with his family (of three children), and they are not sure which part of the house will be theirs after the divide.

For a while after the war Vlajko was in the business of demining in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but he is without job for a longer period. He is working for a wage occasionally, and Zdravka is picking and selling forest products. However, their income is not big enough. Going to country looks as the best option, but they need agricultural machine.

The daughters found our organization on the Internet, and Vlajko addressed us directly for help. With the help of his daughters he found a tractor on favorable price in excellent condition. He plans to earn for the tractor appliances. In the begining he will borrow from others. He has already started working with tractor, and he plans to cut down some forest and sell it, and then start building a house on his land.

Family Rabota thanks all the donors who enabled them to get the agricultural machine.  

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