February 20, 2015

Tomic family get house for Christmas

The ten-member Tomic family from Mladenovac will finally get their home where they will be able to live and work. As part of their big CHRISTMAS ACTION, the Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS started a project of purchasing a small country estate in the village of Subotinac near Aleksinac, in the total value of 7,300 €. The estate comprises a house of about 100 m2 and 1 hectare of land with orchard, pasture, field and woods. The Tomic family consists of the parents Ivica and Sladjana and their children Aleksandar (23), Vojislav (21), Ivan (18), Milica (16), Katarina (13), Filip (11), Luka (6) and Milenko (4).

The house and estate in the village of Subotinac, soon-to-be the new Tomic family home

View of the estate from the street


The Tomic family has been living in a very difficult financial situation for several years and they have trouble providing enough food for everyday needs of their children. Also, the Tomic family had bereavement in 2014 when their four-year-old son Djordje, who had suffered from cerebral palsy, died.


‘Up until the tragedy, when I lost my son, the fight for survival was bearable,’ says Sladjana. ‘We were devastated when it happened. I feel that suddenly everything is falling apart and losing all meaning. I sit for hours at the cemetery and take care of my child. It’s hard for me go away and leave him there all alone. And when I get home, I feel total despair. I fear that we’ll end up homeless, because we didn’t pay off our apartment. We have big problems with Ivan, who suffers from epilepsy, and I have to be with him all the time,’ says Sladjana.’ I think our only salvation would be if we got a house in the country. We could work in agriculture and we would be able to produce food for ourselves. The children wouldn’t be hungry. We would all work on our piece of land. There, that’s my only dream of salvation.’


They are used to wearing old and torn clothes, and being without toys, CDs, video games, books and songs - without a single joy that every child deserves. These children had to get used to being hungry and sleeping on the floor, because they have only two beds in their apartment. What is more, now they are struggling with accepting the truth that they did not have the money for little Djordje’s treatment and that their brother is gone.


Five years ago, as Sladjana says, both she and her husband Ivica lost their jobs and they have been unable to get new ones ever since. No one could stay indifferent to the family full of starving children. The oldest one, Aleksandar, is a second-year student of Geography. He works at a pizzeria in Belgrade and manages to cover his college expenses.  


As part of the big CHRISTMAS ACTION, the Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS paid a deposit of 1,300 € to a house vendor in the village of Subotinac, and the remaining 6,000 € will have been collected and paid off in four installments by August, 2015, with the help of donors of the organization. We call upon all donors to SUPPORT the project of purchasing the house for the Tomic family, so that their children could make a living by working the land.

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