August 17, 2011

Together for the Serbs in Raška area

Report: Predrag Marinković, Serbia /PHOTOS/ /BILLS/

While waiting for the situation in the north of Kosovo and Metohija to be resolved, and the preparation for the big action of help, the representatives of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Belgrade and our branch in the USA, visited and helped four Serbian families in the Raška area – in Novi Pazar and its surroundings. We used that opportunity to visit the families Božović and Popović, which we helped in the previous action, as well as the Radomirović family with eight children, for which we found out on the spot. The action was financed by the fraternal organization Old Raška, donating 20.000 dinars, the association of the citizens Gama from Pančevo, donating 20.000 dinars, and the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs – the branch from USA, donating 47.000 dinars.

We delivered the great majority of help to the family of Rade Komljenović, who is building a house.

We donated the help in the total amount of 87.000 dinars, which consisted of:

- 3 packages of the groceries – 17.000 dinars
- 2420 „ginter“ building blocks – 70.000 dinars
- 3 packages of the orthodox and folk poetry books.

Our primary goal in the action was the delivery of help for the building of the house of the Komljenović family. We set that goal after the appeal of father Gerasim, the prior of Đurđevi Stupovi. Although this family is not the sort of those we help, due to the circumstances, we decided to make an exception and join the action of building the house. Family Komljenović has lost their house during the floods in May, but their friends and the people of good will, but above all, father Gerasim, enabled them to buy a piece of land and start building the house. We managed to provide approximately 1.700 building blocs, of about 3.000 necessary for building external and inner walls in the house.

SFS while buying building blocks

New house of Komljenović family

New house of Komljenović family

Upon our arrival in Novi Pazar, we visited the families whom we helped in our previous action, Božović and Popović. The Božović family has renovated the bathroom. The Popović family wanted to thank us for the help they received, and Sanja, who is working for all of them, continues to fight for her family. We donated the packages of food and hygiene in the amount of 6.000 dinars per family, and the books.

SFS with Popović family


Bathroom for Božović family

Bathroom for Božović family

SFS with Božović family

During the action, thanks to our member from Novi Pazar, we managed to meet the representatives od the „Association of the women and mothers of Raška“. We received an invitation to cooperate in the future, but also several information about the endangered Serbian families with many children.

One of those information was crucial for us to visit the Radomirović family, with eight children (Dijana 27, Dejan 25, Tijana 23, Đorđe 20, Nikola 18, Tanja 15, Miloš 14 and Andrijana 12 years old). The family lives in the village, in difficult conditions without water in the house. The mother Zorica told us they were willing to grow a cow. It is a very difficult situation that requires an urgent action. They also need a stove and a refrigerator. The mother washes the laundry every day in a stream, 4 km away from the house. The children have lost two years of their education, because they don't have the means to go to school. We promised to help them the next time we visit Raška. For the time being, we brought a package of groceries, and books for the children.

Petko Petrovich, SFS USA

SFS with Radomirović family

Bathroom and kitchen of Radomirović family

During almost all of our actions, we visit the Serbian sanctuaries accross the Balkans. We visited Đurđeve Stupove, Studenica and the Peter Church. With this informal visit to the families and symbolic help, we finished our first and second big charity action in Raška.

SFS from Chicago, New Pazar and Belgrade with father Gerasim

With the faith in God,
Predrag Marinković

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