February 19, 2013

Together for family Zunic!

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs continues to visit and help the most endangered families with many children on the Balkan. On Saturday, February 9, the members and friends of the organization visited family Zunic near Cacak. The family has eleven children. We delivered food and hygiene in the amount of 10,000 dinars.
Mother Slavica and father Zeljko live with their children Milorad (21), Jovana (18), Marko (17), Milos (14), Rade (13), Marta (12), Velimir (7) and the youngest Bojana (4). The three oldest daughters are married and have their families. Both Slavica and Zeljko are unemployed, so the only income consists of the social help in the amount of 16,500 dinars which is always late.
The family lives in a house which a donor from abroad gave them. The house has three rooms, a living room, kitchen with the dinning room and a bathroom. The windows are old, so there is moisture in the house. Only one room is being heated during the winter, so some of the family members must sleep in cold bedrooms. They have a wood-burning stove and a refrigerator. They don’t have electric stove nor the freezer. The water heater and a washing machine are broken, but they don’t need them anyway at the moment, because the house doesn’t have water. The water pump which delivered the water from the well to the house is broken, so the house lost the water. Mother Slavica is washing everything outside the house, and they bring the water for drink from the well. The family doesn’t have a single closet in the house. Their debt for electricity has reached 45,000 dinars.
They have some land – a croft of 13,5 acres and 70 acres which some people donated for them to use. There is also a well from which they bring the water. The cesspool is unsound.
The oldest son Milorad is trying to provide income for his family by planting the land and working for a wage. Since they don't own the agricultural mechanization, he needs to borrow the motocultivator. He and his father Zeljko made a barn behind the house, so they have the conditions for growing the animals.
The family is prepared to work, but they need help. They would like a motocultivator in order to plant the land and work for a wage. They have the desire and the conditions to grow pigs, cows, sheep and hens, but their bad financial situation is not allowing them to do so. Mother Slavica would like a greenhouse in the yard, in order to feed the family and sell the products on the market.
Given the number of the family members, their current financial situation and the desire to live depending on their work, the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs decided to help this family to fulfil its dreams. For start, we will provide a water pump so that the house could have water again. After that, we will provide means for work and furniture so that the children could have the same conditions as their peers. 
This is going to be a huge challenge for us and we hope that with the help of donors we will succeed in providing the family Zunic the conditions for decent life! Let us change the life of this family together! Join us!

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