August 27, 2012

Together for family Vukašinović

Report: SFS Republic of Srpska /SERBIAN REPORT/ /BILLS/ /GALLERY/
Family Vukašinović from Podgrab (municipality Pale) is having very difficult time since their father and husband suddenly died. His wife left with six young children. They were living in a ruined house with sick mother-in-law and a grandmother, but they received a new house without things. Due to the lack of money and fertile land, they begun starving. The mother was ready to give away the youngest children: twins Nemanja and Nikola, and Marko who is only two months old. We found out about the situation, so we helped and bought the necesarry equipment for the babies and elementary groceries.
Dragana (10) was at the doorstep, holding Marko, joyfulbecause of the guests. We provided help in the amount of 360 KM, but we felt we should help them again, so we promised to come back soon.
Many people offered their help, and in a few days we managed to get the baby carriage, crib, sheet, bedclothes and footwear for the children. The children were happy to see us, and we donated the collected things, so that they could enjoy their childhood, knowing that someone thinks about them.
We thank to all the people of good will, and wish them all the best. May God help us!

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