March 21, 2012

Together for family Mihajlović

Report: Predrag Marinkovic, Serbia /SERBIAN REPORT/
On Saturday, March 17 2012, our organization joined the great project of the building a house for the seven-member family Mihajlović from Ugljevik in the Republic of Srpska, initiated by our fraternal organization Nemanjići-Tićino several months ago. The representatives of both organizations visited the family Mihajlović, and paid for the continuance of building. In this phase of the project we bought the material for the floor and putting the plate in the amount of about 2,000 EUR. Our organization donated 400 EUR. We brought a package of toys for the youngest, and several books for their parents, while Nemanjići provided a package of sweets and clothes for the youngest.
The family Mihajlović consists of the parents Nenad and Renata and their five minor children: Nemanja (11), Željana (6), Jovana (4) and twins Srđan and Dajana (5 months old). It is very important to mention than Nenad is a former member of one of the most famous units of the Army of Republic of Srpska. The family lived in barracks for the refugees until a few months ago, when upon the decision of the authorities, the barracks were crashed down, and the families left. The family Mihajlović, like the rest of families, received the money to pay a rented apartment in the period of 6 months. After the termination of that period, family Mihajlović will be left on its own, unless they provide the means to continue renting the apartment in which they are currently located. The family has no income, and Nenad used to provide the money by occasional jobs.
Therefore, our brothers from Nemanjići-Tićino decided to build them a house. However, a few weeks ago, Nenad was taken to custody for interrogation due to his involvement in the homeland war, in which he was defending the endangered Serbian people. His destiny remains uncertain, the rent is about to expire in a month, and his wife and children live in agony every day. That was the reason why our organization decided to urgently help in the project of building a house, so that at least one room might function as soon as possible.
Approximately 5.000 EUR was invested in the house so far (plus the additional 2.000 EUR in this action), and for the completion of the house we need about 8.000 EUR more. The house is planned to have 100m2, the ground floor and another floor. The house will have 4 rooms, the kitchen and a bathroom. The next phase of the project is setting the panel and finishing the inner rooms. Until he was taken to custody, Nenad was responsible for the works on the house with his numerous friends, who will continue with the works until he is released.
The next phase of acquiring the material is planned for May, and our organization will try to participate even more in this noble project, so that we could all, at least partly, repay to Nenad for his contribution in the defense of the Serbian people.

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