January 23, 2015

Three orphans got their house

On Friday October 24th, the representatives of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs visited the community Celinac in Serbian Republic where the action of buying a house for three orphans of the family Zivkovic was successfully carried out.  In recent August flooding, Danijela (19), Bojan (16) and Nikolina (13) tragically lost their mother Petra who supported and took care of the family by herself.  To help Zivkovic children to at least partially be able to take care of themselves alone in the future, organization Serbs for Serbs joined the action of collecting money for buying a house, which was initiated by the priest Daniel Ruzic from Banja Luka, and donated 20.000 KM, which is the half of the money needed for the house land in Celinac.


Thanks to the sacrifice, persistence and fight for her family, the oldest Danijela got the custody for her brother Bojan and sister Nikolina. Next to our organization, a big number of good people from the Serbian Republic, Austria and from all over the world answered to the invitation of the father Ruzic to collect the donations for buying the house.

With help of the people from Celinac, the land with the house of 1.600 meters squared is found near the center of the town, whose owner Nedzad Hota accepted to lower the price of the house for 10.000 KM and in that way helped that Zikovic children who wandered at cold rental condos finally get their warm home. Also, the Celinac Township gave Daniela a job at the counter of the township building, which will provide some material security for Zivkovic’s in the upcoming period.

President of the organization Igor Rasula received a thank you card from Zivkovic children.

Deceased mother Petra with her children

The total price of the house and the land was 40.000 KM, from which organization Serbs for Serbs donated 20.000 KM.

The future home of the family Zivkovic in Celinac

The Charity organization Serbs for Serbs is inviting all friends and charity organizations to continue supporting the work and acts of our organizations, so that the very needed help could arrive to the as big as possible number of Serbian children around the Balkan.

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