October 23, 2014

Children without parents and the house

In the night between August 5 and 6 the water came in the area of Celinac and loaded huge burden on the 19-year-old Danijela Zivkovic. The girl who was growing up in the poverty and uncertainty tragically lost her mother Petra Zivkovic, who died in the torrent in Crni potok in the village Barakovac, and now she must take care of her brother Bojan (1998) and sister Nikolina (2001). Her troubles are even bigger because these three children don't have their own house nor enough money for existence. With a single mother who was working for a wage they spent the childhood in other people's houses.


The ray of light into their life was brought by the leadership of the Celinac municipality headed by the chief Momcilo Zeljkovic who gave Danijela a job in the municipality service on the counter. About ten days after the funeral of her mother, Danijela is trying to overcome her emotions and stay calmed.


- This tragedy disrupted my plans, but I hope that the troubles will come to an end, and that some day I will get the chance to continue schooling and create conditions for a normal life like the most of my friends already have – says Danijela, who gratuated from the high school in Celinac, hospitality and commercial department.


Her greatest concern for the moment is to provide the schooling of her brother who enrolled in auto mechanics apprenticeship in Celinac high school, and her sister who enrolled in the seventh grade of the elementary school Milos Dujic.

Danijela explained that they currently live in a rented weekend cottage in Gozna, which could be sold in any time. The cottage is not equiped properly, and its electric installations are only partly finished. It is especially bad during the winter and the low temperature.


The chief of the Celinac municipality offered to settle them in the local school in Strbe, but she refused. The family couldn't have their privacy in the school which is a public object. Although it is rented, the cottage in which they are settled now is emotionally important to them because it reminds them of their mother. Danijela thanked everyone who helped in the most difficult period. She particulary emphasized the help of the representatives of Celinac municipality and Center for social work, neighbors Rasa Babic, Darko Cosic, Veljko Savic and their family members and her friend Marija Markovic.


Danijela was strengthened due to the life struggle. She hopes to get a permanent job, because it would be the first time in her life to have a regular salary each month. She plans to save money to build a house.


However, the family will need a lot of help to get their house. Danijela's future salary and the “increased” child benefit of 180 KM won't be enough to provide all their needs. These children consider a luxury a lot of things that their peers reject as an old thing.

Danijela Zivkovic

Account for payment

All the donations for buying the house for family Zivkovic can be directed on the account of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs in the Republic of Srpska with the reference “Help for family Zivkovic, Celinac”.

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Customer: Srbi za Srbe

For the donations from Serbia and the rest of the world visit the page DONATE.  

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