January 18, 2012

This month no worries about the electricity

Report: Dobrina Kusmuk, Republika Srpska /SERBIAN REPORT/ /BILLS/
It is with satisfaction that I write this report about yet another completed action. Satisfaction because this actions shows that  more and more people are reading our website, that there are people than ever that want to help these large families, and that our organization is earning the trust of its donors. Goran Ljubojevic, president of union subsidiaries Elektro-Bijeljina contacted us with a suggestion that his union deposit a certain amount of money into our account for us to, intern pay for electrical energy for ten families which are served in the areas of his union.
Very quickly 600 KM (aprox. $400) was deposited into our account, which we, with the help of our previously mentioned donors, helped surprise ten families for who we paid 60 KM (aprox. $40) per family for electric utilities. That amount covers approximately one month of electricity for one average home.
Families helped:
1. Vujevic Mile & Ljubica (Branjevo, 9 children)
2. Maric Zoran & Milena (Kozluk, 8 children)
3. Stanisic Milenko & Ljubinka (Osmaci, 5 children)
4. Petrovic Bozidar & Cvijeta (Bratunac, 8 children)
5. Filipovic Zeljko & Jelica ( Bratunac, 4 children)
6. Todic Mile & Snezana (Bijeljina, 5 children)
7. Todorvic Milos & Ljeposava (Lopare, 11 children)
8. Stevanovic Slobodan & Ranka (Lopare, 4 children)
9. Mitrovic Milosavka, (Lopare, 4 children)
10. Stojisic Slobodan (Lopare, 6 children)
Since the families being helped have so many children, we believe that in this holiday month at least some of the children’s wishes can be made to come true since the families will not have to worry about their electric bill. In any way, we believe that we may have in at least some way made these 64 children a little happier.
Once again, we would like to personally thank and in the name of these families thank Mr. Goran Lubojevic and his company. They are proof that everyone, individual or collective, can help contribute in this effort to make our children happy!

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