September 15, 2016

The record returned to Kalemegdan!
The Trojka iz bloka for the third time won the Belgrade fortress! On Saturday, 10 September, on the fields of the BC Partizan the 35th tournament took place in 2016! An incredible season posed records of the charity-sports spectacles and eventually shone in full splendor at Kalemegdan231 kickers – a maximum of five years of Trojka iz bloka! The 70th tournament since 2012, when the idea to use basketball to fight against poverty, has been visited by several thousand people who, through their donations and participation at the tournament collected 119,074 RSD of assistance to socially disadvantaged multiple children families! Eight proud sponsors and a proud donor supported the central tournament with 119,000 RSD and the total amount collected by the humane Belgrade residents is 238,074 dinars! The great heart of the Trojka iz bloka family is beating with might and echoes through the Kalemegdan Fortress! The mission that is changing the lives of disadvantaged families for the better, awoke once again the spirit of charity and with great fun and great sporting event it continued to write the history of Belgrade basketball!

A unique project in the world, new hope for the disadvantaged youngest ones throughout the region once again proved that there is no surrender, and that children are our future! All-day entertainment attracted all generations and all sports fans, especially three point kickers, who continue the bright tradition of kick with which Serbia has won many medals, so the fight for the trophy and medals from Trojka iz bloka lasted until late evening.

The tournament at Kalemegdan began at 19 pm with a minute of silence in the honor of the recently deceased comrade, friend and sponsor Dragan Djuric. The large familiy of the Trojka iz bloka has forever lost one of the greatest friends, and all the hearts on the ground were shaken when they heard the anthem of the Republic of Serbia. Young Zorana Brkljac sang a song with her angelic voice, “She had a deep sleep”. The touching start of the tournament at Kalemegdan left no one indifferent.
Milos Simovic welcomes the guests and participants of the tournament

No surrender in the struggle for a better tomorrow! The battle for a brighter future of the youngest ones is being fought every day and every single one of us should contribute as much as he or she can, and the victory will be bright and great! Over 4.5 million RSD of collected help in this season alone is a tremendous success, and the utmost gratitude for this success goes to proud sponsors and donors, and, of course, all kickers – knights of humanity – said Milos Simovic on behalf of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs, and then called Dragana Kontic, president of the Assembly of the Basketball Association of Belgrade to greet the crowd.
Dragana Kontic, President of the Assembly of the Basketball Association of Belgrade

First of all, she thanked the team of Trojka iz bloka that restores hope in humanity and in basketball and invited all her colleagues from the world of favorite Serbian sport to join the mission and thus greatly increase it. After their welcoming words, Bore and Stefan of THC La Familija took the microphone, and the first balls flew – Dragana Kontic, Novica Velickovic and Danilo Andjusic showed that they have not forgotten how to kick triplets! In the solemn opening ceremony they were joined by the great humanitarian and a friend of the Serbian people, Mr. Arno Gujon, President of the Charity organization Solidarity for Kosovo. Four friends of our project have sparked an avalanche of applause and the tournament was officially opened!

Perfect third tournament at Kalemegdan had significant support of sponsors, donors and technical sponsors. The great spectacle would not be as great had there not been the aid of our noble friends. The proud sponsors were: Rastosnica Transport Ltd. and Ramipa with 30,000 RSD each, Dorat MC, Planet Win 365, Miskone plastics and Belem with 10,000 RSD each and anonymous Neighbor of the blocks and Nikola Kar Bruveri with 7.000 RSD each.

The proud donor was a café Le petit bistro with 5,000 RSD, and proud technical sponsors were Agi pasta away and Ledeni kvas whose products the visitors could try out for symbolic humanitarian contributions. The technical support to the tournament was the Independent Student Association “All for Kosmet”, and the sports support came from clubs BC Borca and WBC Radivoj Korac. Their cadets were devoted volunteers, and then they jumped into their jerseys, mixed in and played an exhibition match.

We listened to excellent music thanks to Sale L and Paja Koba33, the DJ duo that has enriched many of our tournaments. The guys from the rap group D.N.K. also performed and the basketball anthem “Play and win” echoed at Kalemegdan. The best basketball freestyler in Europe, Nemanja Blazic Triki, presented his magical moves and we also observed the dance moves in performance electro boogie that was brought to us by Toza from the dance studio Fly. At one point, the terrain became the scene of the wrestling fights performed by the guys from the Wrestling Club Winner. The impressive moves left the audience breathless. The sports force of wrestling is enriching the sports manifestation Trojka iz bloka for years!
Rap group D.N.K.
Wrestling Club Winner
Nemanja Blazic Triki

The most precise triplet shooter who will proudly carry the title of the Kalemegdan champion was Mihailo Stojanovic with 21 triplets! The conqueror of the trophy of Trojka iz bloka is followed by one triplet less by the silver Damnjan Knezevic, and the bronze was won by Nenad Petrovic. Congratulations to best triplet shooters and congratulations to all those who were with us under the walls of Kalemegdan! Thanks to the media sponsor, the live stream on the Internet was secured, so the number of guests who have been with us was much higher, and the tournament was being watched all over the world! All photos can be viewed on our official Facebook page! With superb spectacle, we circled together the most successful season to date!
Finalists of the tournament at Kalemegdan
Great team of Trojka iz bloka
Winners of the tournament Trojka iz bloka at Kalemegdan

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