January 21, 2015

The new barn for family Lazovic

Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS conducted another one in a series of projects of helping families with five or more children in Serbia. This time the aim was to build a new barn for meeting the economic needs of refugee family Lazovic from Kosovo and Metohija, which settled in a village of Garasi near Arandjelovac. The total value of the purchased materials for barn construction amounts 321,737.00 RSD. Lazovic family is planning to start a business of raising sheep on their farm that will provide them with a secure income in the future. Parents Zeljko and Milena have five children: Andjela (14), Jovana (14), Ana (9), Sekula (3) and Nina (3).

The youngest members of Lazovic family – twins Sekula and Nina get their works on the barn finished

Two years ago Lazovic family bought a house in a village of Garasi, near Topola, along with two hectares of land. They live in an old house which they only recently manage to connect to public electricity and water supply systems, and do not even have a bathroom. The family lives of the children's allowance, which amounts 12,600 RSD per month, and occasional father's wages.

The new barn in the household will be a serious source of income for the family in the future

Previous appearance of the shed that was completely demolished

Work on the construction of a new barn



Four daughters Andjela, Jovana, Ana and Nina with their brother Sekula during construction works

The final look of the barn and happy children


Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS urges all donors and friends of organization around the world to support all future projects to help socially vulnerable families throughout Serbia and the Balkans so as many children as possible can have a decent present and better future, and parents could have a chance to work independently and earn the money which would help them in satisfying the needs of their families.  

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