June 30, 2016

The most successful “Basket for happiness” so far

For the third year in a row, the charity match “Basket for happiness” was played. On this occasion it will help the socially disadvantaged multiple children families through the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs. The “Blue” have suffered defeat for the first time in the history of this charity match, and the “Yellow” were better, 67- 64. The action “Basket for happiness” collected 230,810 RSD and 25 EUR from the charity match and 37,000 RSD of “Charity exchanging jerseys” that will continue in the following period. Together with the Serbian Olympian, Cabo Siladji, the team of “Basket for happiness” also tried to play Mozart Sport Company – “Ticket at noon, celebrities predict”, and since they were good predictors, they expected payment of additional 49,356 RSD.

Also, for the first time in the field in Block 1 at Fontana, the match was moved and played on June 16 at the Kalemegdan fortress, i.e. on the fields of BC Partizan. Next to Danilo Andjusic who received the prestigious recognition of being the most prominent participant of a match, the greatest attention was given to the young champion of Roland Garros, Olga Danilovic.

She continued the winning streak in the “Basket for happiness” where she showed basketball gene in masterful kicking triplets and reached gold in competition of ladies from the public scene. While brothers Danilo and Luka Andjusic had their little skirmish in a very uncertain match, as far as non-basketball players, Ognjen Kajganić and Vladimir Vuksanovic, who also had a lot of duels, showed the most.

After three overtimes, a rapper from the group THCF Stefan Gligorijević missed and led his team to defeat.

Danilo Andjusic had 25 points and he was followed by former handball player Ognjen Kajganić with 21 points. Bosko Cirković Skabo scored four, while presenter Igor Curcic and DJ Sasa Ledic added three points each in the total score of the “Yellow”.

Younger Andjusic, Luka, was the best in the defeated team with 22 points. A male model Vlada Vuksanovic scored 15, DJs Luka Milosevic scored 11, another male model, Marko Andric, scored six, while young actor Pedja Vasic scored four. With three points, a lot of assists and steals, Darko Brasanac won the award for best football player – participant of “Basket for happiness”.

Under the auspices of the action “Basket for happiness”, the organizers of the charity match, brothers Petar and Nemanja Lazic, will implement a variety of different charity actions in the period before Christmas in 2017, and the one that started on the match day is “Charity exchanging jerseys”. During the first day of action, and the match day, the “Charity exchanging jerseys” were started by Mijat Gacinovic (Eintracht Frankfurt football player) and Nikola Petkovic (Janbian Fude football player).

We are glad that we broke our record as far as donation from one match and I hope that with other actions the figure will be even bigger and of even greater benefit for disadvantaged, multiple children families. I call upon all athletes to get involved in the “Charity exchanging jerseys” and I would like to thank everyone who has donated so far”, said the organizer of the “Basket for happiness”, journalist Petar Lazic.

Top scorers:

“YELLOW” – Danilo Andjusic (25), Sasa Ledic (4), Bosko Cirkovic Skabo (6), Slavoljub Srnic, Borko Vujicic Bore (3), Bojan Marovic (2), Igor Curcic (4), Nenad Gavric, Ognjen Kajganić (21) and Ivan Tesanovic (2).

“BLUE” – Stefan Gligorijevic, Pedja Vasic (4), Vladimir Vuksanovic (15), Marko Bulat (3), Darko Brasanac (3), Luka Andjusic (22), Luka Milosevic (11), Nikola Stanoev Uncle Joe, Ilija Kovacic, Marko Andric (6), Marko Mandic and Luka Stojanovic.

LADIES COMPETITION – Olga Danilovic (gold), Goga Stanic (silver), Dragana Micalovic (bronze), Zorica Radulovic (bronze), Bogdana Medenica (bronze), Milica Tomasevic (bronze), Katarina Sreckovic (bronze).

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