December 31, 2016

The Ljiljak family on their way to a better life

During the nineties, the Ljiljak family had to move their native Western Slavonia and escape to Serbia due to well-known reasons. With the aid of the Commissariat for Refugees, they’ve bought themselves a small house of only 33 square meters, without a bathroom, at Smederevo road in the place of Dubočaj in Grocka, in order to finally get a place to live, they tried everything to forget bad things from the past and have tried to start a new life. The financial situation of the family has not improved since our last visit by the end of 2015. They still live exclusively on social aid and an occasional wage that grandfather Mirko earns, but, because of his age, the question is how long can the Ljiljak family count on that type of income. The Ljiljak family couldn’t go further unaided and that is why there appeared Serbs for Serbs, and then our sister organization “Smile as a gift”, other organizations, many individuals and donors, to, with joined forces, as well as in hundred other cases, help a vulnerable family with many children to move forward to a better life.

In the house of the Ljiljak family, after numerous problems with documentation and land that we were able to solve, work is now in progress at full steam and one extra room will soon be completed, so that children can have more space to learn, play and sleep, and a bathroom, so that the whole family can have living conditions decent fot tha 21st century! Setting the screed and concrete foundations Raised walls Installation of water supply network in the bathroom is finished Delivered insulation material View of the hall and bathroom Successfully completed the first phase of work, next is the installation of the roof The youngest members of the family Ljiljak will soon have a new room and bathroom

The Ljiljak family is just one of many families that have been helped by our organization to stand on its feet and move forward. That wouldn’t be possible without your donations, which are more numerous every day, thank God, as well as appeals for help, unfortunately. Help us to continue changing the lives of many disadvantaged families with many children throughout Serbia and the Balkans because CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE!

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