October 01, 2016

The help for Nikolic family from Vrnjacka Banja

Members of Charity Organization Serbs for Serbs, in the beginning of july have visited Nikolic family, from the village Stulac that is located near the Vrnjacka Banja. This family has suffered a terrible tragedy at the end of may 2016, when just after his fourth child was born, their father has died in car accident. Now, this family consist of single mother Mila, and her children Nenad (17 years old), Valentina (11), Stevan (3) and Marko (3 months old). In the beginning of August, we provided electric stove, kitchen, wardrobe, and a heater for children’s room, and the friends of our organization gave baby carriage and the bicycle for the oldest son, Nenad. The total value of the provided help is 100 400 RSD.

Single mother Mila with her youngest son Marko

Picture of Nikolic family with a representative of Serbs for Serbs organization

Baby Marko, in gifted baby carriage

Oldest son Nenad, with a bike that was given to him as a gift

Stevan Nikolic in front of new kitchen cabinetry

Heater, electric stove, wardrobe and kitchen cabinetry for Nikolic family

We invite all the people who are interested in helping specifically Nikolic family, to make donations on their account (In RSD) in AIK Bank 105-0000407104893-31.
We invite all the people who are interested to join and help the projects of the Charity Organization Serbs for Serbs, whose aim is to help socially disadvantaged Serbian multi-children families across the Balkan.

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