December 29, 2016

The greenhouse for family Nikolic from Prijedor

Thanks to the help of the help of Church and school commune Gracanica from Windsor, Canada, Charity Organisation Serbs for Serbs from Republic of Srpska successfully realized project of getting aid to six-membered family Nikolic fromPrijedor which is consisted of father Danko and mother Snezana with their four kids Ognjen (13), Andrea (7) , Marina (4) and Rastko (2). In order to improve agricultural production we built the greenhouse 20 meters long and 5 meters wide, complete water system, cultivator with accessories, chainsaw, trimmer, sprayer, tiller and planter in a total value of 6.984 KM. Family Nikolic in front of their greenhouse

The father of family Danko is born in village Rakelici near the Prijedor, mother Snezana is born in Mladenovac. They met each other on one occasion when Snezana came to her cousin in Prijedor. They fell in love and decided to start a family life. They try to raise their children in orthodox spirit and on Sunday they attend on liturgy. As they say, kids are their greatest blessing from God and with Gods will there will be more. The oldest Ognjen is, for now, the only one to go to school and he is a great student, and in autumn his sister Andrea will join him in school. Ognjen, Andrea, Marina and Rastko Nikolic got a pledge for future Nikolic's with representatives of Charity organisation Serbs for Serbs chainsaw, trimmer, sprayer, tiller and planter Parents Danko and Snezana joyful with help from our organisation Members of family Nikolic sends thanks to all the donators of Charity organisation Serbs for Serbs from all around the globe, but especially to Serbs from Windsor in Canada. Because of their help, they gain conditions to work for themselves and their family, but especially for the future of their children.

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