April 22, 2013

The construction of bathrooms soon

Representatives of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Novi Sad visited at the beginning of April families Milutinović from Pivnice and Danjek from Ravno selo. During the visit to the families we have been helping for quite some time, we brought a humble package of groceries. The idea of the visit was related to the solution of old problems within both families – bathroom, in the scope of the project Three-pointer from the blocks 2013.

During the visit to family Milutinović in the village Pivnice, we provided specification of the necessary works, because they need additional room for the bathroom. There is no cesspool, which will have to be built. We should emphasize that family Milutinović lives in dilapidated house, so that we must pay attention to the reparation of the house in the future period.

Family Danjek doesn't have a bathroom, but their house is in better condition, and it can be adapted for the construction of the bathroom and a kitchen. They also have sound ground for sustainable life, in agriculture above all. We hope that we will soon have the opportunity to spend more time with those families in more humane conditions, to talk about brighter living themes apart from the poverty.

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