January 04, 2012

Tambur project sucessfuly finished

Report: Dobrina Kusmuk /SERBIAN REPORT/ /BILLS/ /VIDEO/
Another year of our work marked the end of another project in the Republic of Srpska thanks to our donors. The family of Vitomir Tambur received the motocultivator with appliances!
Unfortunately, since the beginnig of our action when we receives the offer, until we raised the money, the price of the products were raised, but it wasn't a problem for Vitomir, who found the best solution to get a motocultivator, and a plow, tiller and a trailer. Vitomir plans to cultivate his land, but also to cultivate the land of his neighbors, and earn enough money for his family.
Vitomir thus became our member, and in the case a family from his municipality needs his services, he will be happy to help.
Branka Zubić, the director of the Center for social work of the municipality Eastern New Sarajevo and the Radio television Eastern Sarajevo. We called the representative of the Assembly of the Eastern Sarajevo, which participated in the action with 1,500 KM, but they didn't manage to come.
We thank all the donors and  the institutions which helped us in this action.

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