March 09, 2016

Talk at Faculty of Theology

Rap, pop, “turbo folk”, folk music… What influence does music have on young people? Can religion and music go together? These questions were the key points of the talk held at the Faculty of Orthodox Theology in Belgrade. The talk was given by those who make it - Skabo from BS and THCF. The hall was filled with young people who wanted to talk to Skabo from Beogradski Sindikat, Stefan and Bore from the group THC La Familija”, and Nikola Stanoev – Uncle Dzo. The people were also addressed by Milos Simovic, spokesman of the organization “Serbs for Serbs”.

Skabo “broke the ice” by revealing that until recently he had looked on things differently.

- When some people first told me that my lyrics have religious connotation, I didn’t see it that way and I had to sit down and think. Then I realized that everyone experiences music in their own way. And, today I’m actually proud and glad because of that – said Skabo.

The guys also talked about folk music and pointed out that there is quality music and garbage. Young Nikola explained that it is enough to just listen to the lyrics.

- What kind of a song is that which says: “I have a daughter, and she is female”?!

Students had a chance to ask questions via SMS, and the situation became a little heated when Bore and Stefan were asked how the name of their group can be something that young people can look up to (meaning THC which is a substance contained in marijuana).

- We sing the truth and that substance was part of our past. Young people today have to find their own way - said Stefan.

- We focused on creation and work, and the name stuck from when we were kids. You know that all kinds of things are available on the streets of Belgrade. This “La Familija” was added later and is much more important – Stefan pointed out. Thunderous applause was echoing through the amphitheater, while the rappers were explaining to the students how important it is to stay on the right path.

What needs to be said is that all these rappers are engaged in the work of the organization “Serbs for Serbs”, said Milos Simovic.

- Skabo came to us by himself and expressed a wish to help. The same goes for members of THC. “They said – this is a good thing and we’re here to help”, said Milos.

Another question students asked was about the music the rappers make – do they think that some of their songs which talk about drugs and similar things are a good thing?

- Our music is about the things that exist. We’re realistic and really, if you look around, you’ll see that a lot of things we sing about are true, explained the rappers.

And the students were more than happy with the talk.

- Things like this should be organized more often, because the last talk on music was held in 2012 - said one of the students.

The rappers continue to raise public awareness and influence the young, and it will not be long before they appear at some other place.

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