September 21, 2015

SZS visiting Vukovic family from Prijepolje

At the end of August, members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs visited the eight-member Vukovic family from the village of Dusmanici, near Prijepolje. A turning near Prijepolje leads to one of the highest and furthest hills and the family of Nenad and Ivana Vukovic. This is where they raise their five children! We met Nemanja (11), Martina (9), Stefan (8), Djordje (7), and Sladjan (6), who are growing up in this remote village, having numerous troubles in their young lives.

When we arrived at this remote, modest and honorable home, the oldest children were near the house, and, as usual, they were picking blackberries and other fruits the nature provides. The father, Nenad, provides for his family the best he can. Their only income is 10,000 Dinars of child benefit and his wife’s pension in the same amount, and they barely manage to make ends meet.

The school and job opportunities are far away, and so are other people. The Vukovic family members only have one another in this world, and only recently they found friends in good people of Prijepolje, who joined forces and built them a new house! This was definitely a commendable gesture, but they did not stop there – the same people who made contributions, also came, rolled up their sleeves and mixed mortar and laid bricks to make the new home for the Vukovic family.

The Charity organization Serbs for Serbs decided to join this extraordinary feat of Prijepolje residents and to try to help the Vukovic family some more. When we visited them at their new home and asked the head of the family how we could help them, he told us modestly and gratefully that the good people provided them with the house and windows, but that they still lack a front door and five room doors. The Vukovic family needs 10,000 Euros to buy the necessary doors, to have their house plastered and insulated, to have water pipes installed, to fit out the bathroom and kitchen, to finish the second floor and fit out the rooms.

The grandma, Milka, in front of the Vukovic family home

Grandma Milka and mutual love and understanding are big comfort for the children.

Hard living conditions of the Vukovic family

Mother Ivana

The mother, Ivana, suffers from a serious mental illness, so the children were obliged to take on heavy responsibilities from an early age.

There are many small rooms in the new Vukovic family home, and the children cannot wait for a little nicer and more comfortable part of their childhood to start, and we are there to help their wish come true.

Serbs for Serbs with the Vukovic family

Let’s open the door to a better world for these children by providing them with room doors for a start! Let’s help the Vukovic family move into their new home!

Children are our future!

The Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS calls upon all friends and donors of the organization to join our fundraising action to help this family and other socially disadvantaged Serbian families with multiple children.

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