October 07, 2015

SZS visiting Vlahovics in Podgorica

Representatives of the Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS from Montenegro visited on October 2 the six-member family Vlahovic who lives in the Podgorica suburb Konik. Father Radojica (48) and mother Vojka (45) have four children: Vesna (12), Jovana (11), Jelena (9) and Vasilije (7). They live in a tin-cardboard home as subtenants in two small rooms almost without furniture, for which they pay 50 EUR per month. The parents have severe health issues, and the children are receiving food from the Public kitchen of the Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral. 


The parents Radojica and Vojka are unable to work, and severely ill. Radojica was employed as a guardian until the City Transportation Company was closed down. As an asthmatic he is unable to do heavy physical labor. The Vlahovics live on social benefit in the amount of 175 EUR and the nice people’s gifts. The children are well-bred, and they made strong impression upon the representatives of our organization. The city authorities of Podgorica didn’t help them in resolving their housing issue, which is currently a burning question of this family.



Family Vlahovic with the representatives of the organization SERBS FOR SERBS

- If it wasn’t for the Public kitchen at the Episcopal Church of Christ’s Resurrection in Podgorica, we wouldn’t know what to do. Perhaps we would starve to death. The Church brings us five meals for our family every day. We thank them from the heart, because without them, we wouldn’t know what to do – says Radojica Vlahovic while telling us his sad story.



His origins are from the Rovac tribe, and obviously life hasn’t given him the opportunity to make shift in life. Since the foundation of the Public kitchen at the Episcopal Church in Podgorica, they are regular beneficiaries, and are more than satisfied with the meals. The regular cooked meal and bread gives at least current security. Besides the food, the Church is helping to the Vlahovic family, as well as other disadvantaged families, by providing onetime help. The help is being provided occasionally, and it doesn’t include food alone.



– The Church to which we are immensely thankful is not only providing us food, but it also brings us occasionally clothing, footwear, blankets and certain commodities for the house if possible. It means a lot to us. We know we are not alone. The municipality provided us with textbooks for the children. Some of them are new, some used, but the children are using them anyway, and we are grateful for that – said Radojica Vlahovic.

Donation of food from the Public kitchen of the Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral

Tin barrack in which the Vlahovics currently live

Family Vlahovic currently needs the most a new housing place, help in paying off the rent, firewood and a refrigerator. The organization SERBS FOR SERBS with the help of its donors, members and friends of the organization, will try to provide firewood and refrigerator as an urgent help.

The donations for helping family Vlahovic are being collected in Montenegro:
Current account: 510-91548-03, Crnogorska Komercijalna banka
Foreign exchange account: IBAN ME25 5000 0000 0091 5480 3, SWIFT: CKBCMEPG
Customer: Charity organization Serbs for Serbs
Contact: szscrnagora@gmail.com

The donations for helping the family can be also sent via the PLATFORM.

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