December 06, 2015

SZS visiting Milovanovic family from Mladenovac

Sports-charity project “Trojka iz Bloka” was first held in the town in the heart of the Sumadija on August 31, 2015, when people of good will and true sports lovers raised 121,710 Dinars. With the help of proud sponsors and large number of participants, the magic of the “Trojka iz Bloka” was there for the first time in Mladenovac, despite the heavy rain just before the start of the tournament. The Charity organization Serbs for Serbs would like to thank all sponsors, donors and technical sponsors from Mladenovac, who contributed to the success of the event, and today we wish to inform the public that funds raised at the tournament will be directed to the six-member Milovanovic family from the village of Senaj near Mladenovac. The family lives in very hard living conditions. The parents, Sasa and Valentina, raise three children: Biljana is nine years old and suffers from a mental illness, Bojana is a year younger, and the youngest child is Nikola, who is five and is everybody’s favorite.

View of the Milovanovic house from the street

Grandma Snezana also lives with them, and she is their backbone in these difficult times, when they barely manage to make ends meet, enduring their cruel fate. They have no welfare, no child benefit, and no jobs. They do not have a fridge or a stove and their electricity bill is over 30,000 Dinars. What is even worse, they are in bad relations with the uncle, with whom they live under the same roof.

The right and the left part of the house are different – the Milovanovic family does not have a roof over their part of the house, and they do not have a bathroom. The uncle lives in the other part of the house alone, and he does not let them start any construction work. Despite our wish to build them a bathroom or fix the roof, we have not managed to achieve our goal yet, because of the ongoing litigation between them and the uncle. This is a sad situation: water and sewage pipes should go through the uncle’s part of the land, but he does not let this happen. Social service got involved and they will try to mediate in the litigation, but problems are difficult to solve where there is no will to do so. The left and the right part of the house are divided by a concrete pole – the Milovanovic family lives in the part without the roof, the uncle in the part with the roof. This is a tragic and sad story about destinies ruled by people, and not providence.

Nevertheless, the sports-charity “Trojka iz Bloka” tournament has become known for solving seemingly insoluble problems. It often happens that heavy rain, threatening to prevent the tournament from taking place, stops a few moments before the tournament starts, and in the same way, we grapple with the problem hoping for the best. The same thing happened in Mladenovac – due to heavy rain, it was questionable whether the tournament will take place up until the very beginning, but then, suddenly, the rain stopped and people were able to enjoy another sports-charity spectacle on a warm summer afternoon.

Good will and true intentions open all doors: we will start helping the Milovanovic family! We have some aid ready for them, consisting of appliances and some necessary furniture, but the biggest support to them was shown at the tournament – we let them know that they are not alone! Children are our future! And, we will not let the problems which trouble adults affect the children. Life has put these children in a very ungrateful position. It is upon us to do our best and try to help them, to try to change their view of the world and restore their faith in the future.

SZS with Milovanovic family members in front of their home

“Trojka iz Bloka” Mladenovac has just started solving problems. By next year, God willing, the Milovanovic family will be living in better conditions, and the next tournament in Mladenovac will gather even more people who will surely want to be a part of the “Trojka iz Bloka” mission!

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