November 24, 2015

SZS visiting Gavrilovic family from Banja Luka

They took out a loan to buy the house they live in. They are not connected to the water supply system, so they use a small tank to get water from the nearby standpipe. Since this is illegal, they sometimes have to pay a fine, but they do not have an alternative. To do the washing, Rada pours the water into the washing machine manually. Otherwise, she would have to hand-wash everything, which would waste more water. In order not to waste water, she uses the machine, but she is afraid that the washing machine will break down in this way and she is also sorry for the children who carry the tank.

The father, Stanislav, heard about our organization while we were helping the flooded in Banja Luka, so he called us to see if we could at least help him with getting the stove, which they really need. That is why we went to Potkozarje for a visit, and we saw for ourselves that they will have a hard time getting through the winter without a wood burning stove. When we arrived, there were four younger children at home, while the two older ones went to fetch water.

This hard-working family needs many things, but they ask for the stove because winter is coming. They turned to us because they have no one else to turn to. Although supplying their home with water would mean a lot to them, they are aware that it requires big expenses, so they ask for more modest aid.

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