November 01, 2015

SZS visiting family in Pale

Report: SZS Republic of Srpska
Members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs of the Republic of Srpska chapter visited the six-member Mandic-Cosovic family from Pale. There are four children in the family: Aleksandar (17), Aleksandra (16), Jelena (15), and Andjela (5). Life is not a fairy tale and this family’s story shows it. The mother, Snjezana, had previously been married to Mandic, the father of Aleksandar, Aleksandra, and Jelena, who had molested and humiliated her, so she worked up the courage and ran away from him, taking the children with her. She moved into her father’s house, who had adapted the attic for her and her children to live. Several years later, Snjezana got married to Radinko Cosovic, and they have a daughter Andjela. Radinko accepted her children as his own.

The parents are unemployed, but they try to provide for the family by working for a daily wage or doing seasonal jobs of fruit picking. Together, they do their best to make ends meet. Aleksandar, together with his stepfather, splits wood and does other physical work jobs to earn a wage. Nevertheless, tough life does not prevent the children from being excellent and hard working students.

The Charity organization Serbs for Serbs first helped Snjezana when she found refuge in the attic, together with her children. Then we improvised the water installation in their home. Later, we bought them a motocultivator so they would be able to earn money and thus provide for the children. However, no matter how hard they work, they cannot manage everything. The fact that they also cultivate the land below the house and grow vegetables in the greenhouse they got from another charity organization is the proof enough of their dedication and hard work. Despite all this, the family cannot provide additional funds to invest in the house to improve their living space. They have somehow managed to build a bathroom in the lower part of the house, but it is totally impractical to use, because it is entered through the opening in bathroom ceiling.

The children dream of having their own room. They are aware that they cannot have a room each, but they would be happy to have one for all of them. Currently the whole family stays in one room. The parents are aware that their priority is the bathroom, because the children need to have a place to maintain personal hygiene, and that the opening through which they now climb down to the bathroom, is very dangerous. The existing bathroom is impossible to renovate, because it is impossible to make the stairs which would lead to it, and it cannot be torn down to build the new one in its place.

Therefore, the family was included in the “Trojka iz Bloka” project, which raised the money to build them a new bathroom. As the weather unexpectedly got worse and it started to be cold early, we cannot start work this year. Since we have to wait for the warmer weather anyway, we have decided to expand the action over the winter and try to raise additional funds with the help of our donors. We would use the funds to build the room for the children as well and thus definitely improve the living space for this family.

Jelena, Aleksandra, Aleksandar and Andjela

Realizing the “Trojka iz Bloka” project in Pale, we raised enough money to build the bathroom and expand the slab, which will provide enough space to build the children’s room. Since most Pale residents know the family to be hard working, beside the financial contributions made at the sports event, some private companies joined in afterwards, donating blocks and construction material.

Radinko, Andjela and Snjezana Cosovic

Together, we will try to provide all the necessary materials during the winter, so the whole aid action for the Mandic-Cosovic family will be carried out in the spring, as soon as the weather gets better. We hope that, with the help of good people, we will manage to make the dream of these hard working children come true, the children who are our future.

Andjela, together with her brother and sisters, would like to get a bathroom and a room in the spring

The Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS calls upon all friends and donors of the organization to join our fundraising action to help this family and other socially disadvantaged Serbian families with multiple children.

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