October 28, 2015

SZS visiting Davidovic family

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Representatives of the Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS visited another socially disadvantaged family in the Prijedor region. It was the Davidovic family from the village of Marini, located between Prijedor and Novi Grad, or to be more precise, 30 kilometers away from Prijedor. We had learned about this family from the brotherhood of the Klisina Monastery, and they soon introduced us with the family. The Davidovic family consists of the parents, Dalibor (36) and Vesna (27), and their four children: Nikolina (8), Dejan (6), Natasa (5), and Pavle (2).


We wanted to get acquainted with the living conditions of the family, so we visited them at their modest home. The family lives in a very small and shabby house, but with basic conditions. Considering the fact that the biggest problems we had previously encountered visiting the families were unsanitary bathrooms and dampness, this family, luckily, does not have these problems.


The Davidovic family lives on child benefit and occasional wages that the father of the family, Dalibor, earns. They own a cow and about fifty hens, and this is how they provide food for themselves. The family also owns a small patch of land, which they cultivate and they also cultivate the land around their house, with the permission of the owners who live far away and are not interested in cultivating it.


The biggest problem for the family is the location of the house, about a kilometer away from the main road, which is very hard to reach via the rugged road leading through the forest. Since the main road is also mostly a gravel road, i.e. there are more than 15 kilometres of the gravel road to Prijedor, they live in hard conditions. The winter is approaching along with bad weather, and the children have to go to school using the forest road.


Taking everything into consideration, and also talking to the father of the family, Dalibor, the plan is to provide the Davidovic family with a used tractor. The experience so far has shown that purchasing a tractor for families is one of the best investments. So, not only will the family be able to travel from home in case of bad weather conditions and not take the risk of being cut off from the world, but Dalibor will also be able to cultivate more land than he is doing at the moment and use the tractor to earn additional income for his family.

The amount of money needed for this action is 8,000 BAM or a little over 4,000 Euros, so we would like to take this opportunity to invite all friends and donors of our organization to join the fundraising action in order to enable another family to stand on their own feet and pave their thorny road for a more beautiful and less gloomy future.

With faith in God!
SERBS FOR SERBS Republic of Srpska

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