July 05, 2016

SZS visited family Jurisic near Pirot

In mid-June, members of the Charity Organization Serbs for Serbs from Nis visited the multiple children family Jurisic, which we plan to help in the scope of the project “Trojka iz bloka” tournament, which will be held on July 30 in Pirot. Family Jurisic lives in the village of Sopot, which is about ten kilometers from Pirot. The family of Zoran and Silvija has four children: Danijela (16), Danijel (14), Zorica (12) and Sinisa (10).

Old house where family Jurisic lives

The conditions in which the family lives are very difficult. Old house is in pretty bad shape. It has a very small garden, where there are almost no conditions for farming. The family cannot afford domestic animals. The Jurisic family lives on social care, and on very small wages that they can earn with difficulties, given that people who call them to work know that they have four children to sustain and that they cannot choose whether to work or not, and they often receive several times less money than agreed, according to their words.

The original purpose of the building under construction was to create a workshop where a father could keep his tools and paint tinker

What makes the situation even more difficult is the fact that the Jurisic family is without electricity for three months. The electricity was cut off because after the installation of a new electric meter, even though they were spending the same, the electricity bill was up to three times higher, which they were not able to pay. The current debt with interest amounts over 55,000 RSD. The family was trying to find a solution in agreement with the local self-government and the Electricity Board in Pirot, but none of them wanted to help them.

In the following period when family Jurisic is provided with the domestic animals, this facility can change the purpose and become a barn

Regarding aid which would mean most to them in order to overcome this difficult financial situation, family Jurisic noted that a few goats, sheep and fowl would allow them to provide their children with food.

Serbs for Serbs with family Jurisic in front of their house

In this regard, members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs, call upon all the people of good will to engage and contribute to the project, in order to enable better living conditions to another Pirot family.

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