December 24, 2015

SZS upgraded house for 13 Vranic family members

In mid-December, the Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS successfully conducted the big aid project of upgrading a floor and attic on the family house for the thirteen-member Vranic family from the Belgrade neighborhood of Mali Mokri Lug. The total value of the project, which was started in January 2015, was 22,882 Euros. The big Vranic household consists of the parents, Dragoslav and Olga, and their children, Sandra (23), Andjela (20), Jelena (18), Radomir (16), Veljko (15), Mihajlo (13), Jovana (10), Teodora (8), Katarina (6), Filip (5), and Jovan (2).

 On their Slava, St. Nikola’s Day, in December 2014, 10 out of 11 children in the Vranic family were baptized at the St. Trifun Church in the Belgrade neighborhood of Mali Mokri Lug. Youngest Vranic family members at their baptism Vranic family in front of the St. Trifun Church Filip Vranic with his brothers and sisters during the SZS visit

Up until recently, the only employed family member was the father, Dragoslav, working at the City transport company. His colleagues give him the opportunity to earn more money by working night shifts. Now, his daughters Sandra and Andjela help him support the family. Andjela was an A student through Elementary and Secondary school, and later she had to give up the School of Civil Engineering, in order to help her family financially. Also, the family receives child benefit for two children, and from next year, they will receive the benefit only for one child. Look of the Vranic family house in January 2015

This thirteen-member family lived in an unfinished house with three rooms when the representatives of the organization SERBS FOR SERBS visited them at the beginning of 2015 and made a plan together with the family to upgrade a floor and attic, which would improve their living conditions. A big charity campaign soon followed which enabled all this. The children did not have any space for studying, four of them sleeping in one room, together with their parents. After the organization started collecting donations for this project, first construction works on upgrading the Vranic family house started with first warm days in May. Pouring the concrete on the second floor slab Putting up roof construction in the attic Attic in the Vranic house Interior walls plastered Tiles and pipes installed in the bathroom Doors, windows, and laminate installed, walls painted Tiles installed, electrical wiring finished in the kitchen Children’s rooms completely fitted out, door installed, together with heating system Sanitary ware installed in the bathroom Toys for the children arrived in the meantime Vranic family gathered in front of their family house

In the name of all Vranic family members, the Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS would like to extend big gratitude to donors and friends of the organization who helped this big project of house upgrade to be carried out successfully. At the same time, we wish to appeal to Serbs from all over the world to SUPPORT our future aid projects intended for multiple children families throughout the Balkans so we could provide a better childhood for our children.

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