September 12, 2015

SZS registered in Montenegro!
In the year when the Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS received the Order of St. Sava and when it is celebrating a small jubilee – 10 years of work and existence, another great joyful news is coming from Montenegro where the organization SERBS FOR SERBS at the beginning of July was officially registered, and shortly afterwards current account and foreign exchange account were opened, through which the organization would collect donations in Montenegro for helping the socially disadvantaged Serbian families. The blessing for the work of the organization in Montenegro has been previously received from the Metropolitan of Montenegro and the Littoral, Amfilohije.

Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS calls upon all donors, friends and members of the organization from Montenegro to support and join the work of the organization in order to provide the greatest possible help for the socially disadvantaged multiple children Serbian families.

Current account: 510-91548-03, Crnogorska Komercijalna banka Foreign exchange account: IBAN ME25 5000 0000 0091 5480 3 SWIFT: CKBCMEPG Customer: Humanitarna organizacija Srbi za Srbe Contact:

Additional significance of registering the organization SERBS FOR SERBS in Montenegro is a fact that the organization is celebrating the slava of St. Vasilije Ostroski whose relics lie in the Ostrog monastery, near Niksic.

In the last ten years of its diligent benevolent work, Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS collected 1,3 million EUR of donations with which it provided social help for more than 1,400 poor and disadvantaged Serbian families throughout Balkan with a total number of more than 10,000 children.

Apart from building and renovating dozens of houses, we provided great help to the families by donating refrigerators, stoves, freezers, washing machines and other necessary domestic appliances, built and equipped great number of bathrooms, provided new beds for children’s rooms, closets, tables, computers, toys and school equipment. Also, the organization provided substantial help to rural families by donating tractors, tillers, trailers, greenhouses, cows, sheep and goats in order to enable them to provide basic needs for their children.

Until the end of 2015 the organization SERBS FOR SERBS plans to be officially registered in Canada, to actively involve great number of donors and friends of the organization in that country. Until now the organization has been officially registered in Serbia, the Republic of Srpska, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, United States of America and recently in Montenegro.

We plan to spread the organization in the years to come and to register it in new countries throughout the Serbian Diaspora in order to collect even greater amount of help for the socially disadvantaged families throughout Balkan.

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