January 04, 2016

SZS at family Goranovic in Herceg Novi

Members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Montenegro visited on December 26 a six-member family Goranovic from the Kuti village in Herceg Novi municipality. The host died several months ago, so the mother Mirjana took care of the family, with the help of her children Bojan (16), Milos (13), Andjela (11), Nikola (10) and the youngest Strahinja (7).

 Andjela and Strahinja Goranovic with mother Mirjana

The mother is working in a store, and she claimed the compensation for life-long income due to her children (according to the new law in Montenegro which enables the life-long compensation for mothers of at least three children if they have 15 years of work experience). The hardworking mother Mirjana is selling donuts during the summer as an additional source of income. Family Goranovic needs to pay back the debt because the father was sick. The family needs the most a machine for making donuts in order to earn additional income for their needs during the summer. We call upon all the people of good will to get involved and give their contributions to help the projects of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs with the aim of helping the socially disadvantaged multiple children Serbian families throughout Balkan.

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