November 08, 2012

Switzerland meets Serbia and SfS

Katarina Janković, a pupil from Switzerland, decided to show the brighter side of Serbia to Swiss. Katarina is a member of KUD Nikola Tesla from Uster, which supports our famous charity pancake-parties. Katarina met the activists of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs, got to know the work of the organization, and decided to present that at her final paper at school.
She received important information in an interview with our representative Maja Jovanović, who is also playing at KUD, and who became her friend. Katarina wrote a paper of 50 pages, and described the Serbian nation, Serbian customs, and the difficult situation in Serbia, but also our hearts filled with love, and thus presented our organization.
The teachers were thrilled and decided to present her paper, along with other papers, to the public. Parents, teachers and other guests were curious about our story, who were were, what we were doing, and what we aimed at. After the successful presentation, Katarina opened her beautiful stand, in which she presented Serbian food, costume and our organization. People were very touched by her engagement and school paper, so they spontaneously became donors.
Katarina’s effort and her great heart won the audience, so she managed to get the donations in the value of 250 francs.
We use this opportunity to thank Katarina for her effort and support.

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