August 30, 2011

Sv. Nikola, Brookfield, IL

Saturday, August, 27

Sv. Nikola, Brookfield, IL

On Saturday, the 27th of August, the Serbian Orthodox Church of Sv. Nikola held it's First Annual "Taste of Serbia" piknik for it's parisheners and neighbors. Since moving to it's new location in Brookfield, one of Chicago's oldest congregations has grown is size almost 4 times over!

It was a great opportunity for Serbs For Serbs to introduce ourselves to some new people, so we set up a tent to provide information about our charity organization and introduce the visitors to our activities and plans. Along with accepting many donations and selling our new "Nema Predaje" shirts, we received a lot of positive feedback along with many new volunteers that want to join and help Serbs For Serbs.

We made a positive impression on new people and ran into many who have already visited our website and made donations. It was nice to get a chance to personally thank and speak with donors and get their feedback.

The picnic was a nice gathering of old generation Serbians and lots of children, the main reason for our work. It was nice to see so many kids playing, dancing and enjoying themselves at a Serbian event such as this one. We will definitely continue to visit Sv. Nikola and other Serbian Churches in Chicago.

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