May 05, 2015

Successful “Trojka iz bloka” in Uzice

Report: Uros Markovic /PHOTO GALLERY/ /VIDEO TV-5/
On Thursday, April 30, 2015, the first “Trojka iz bloka” was successfully held in Uzice. 100 shooters entered for the tournament, and about 500 people came to the Big Park at 1 o’clock to show the Milicevic family from the village of Dreznik that they are not alone. With the help of the proud sponsors, both donors and participants, as well as the contributions from the collection box at the charity after party at Ribolovac club, the total amount of 122,770 RSD was raised. The residents of Uzice have shown that they have a big heart!

Jovanka Lucic

At the very beginning of the tournament, the spectators were addressed by Mladen Matijasevic, the sports-charity “Trojka iz bloka” project manager, and Jovanka Lucic, on behalf of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs.

Mladen Matijasevic

After the welcome speeches, the student of the Gymnasium of Uzice, Anica Cvetkovic, sang the national anthem of Serbia, “Boze pravde”, and the tournament was officially opened with shots by the oldest children in the Milicevic family, Marko (14) and Marina (12). The best reward for everybody present and the Milicevic family as well was people getting together and enjoying the great atmosphere on the beautiful day at the courts in the Big Park. To view the full photo gallery, visit the official “Trojka iz bloka” facebook page.

Marko Milicevic

Marina Milicevic

Those who ensured great atmosphere at the tournament were the famous Belgrade rappers Cobran and Mlata from the rap group Sick Touch, Gazda Paja, Vojke, Palke and DJ Buraz from the Zvezde Grajma group, and also Jovan and Bogdan from the FTP group. During the tournament, DJ Sale L from THC la Familia, who is also the official DJ of the “Trojka iz bloka,” was in charge of the music. There was music for different tastes, and people stayed until the very end of the tournament, enjoying the great music and sporting spirit. The Play Off Basketball Club brought their cadets to collectively take part in the tournament, and “Radoje Ljubicic” Technical High School sent their teacher and numerous students to shoot three-pointers and support their fellow citizens. The old and the young enjoyed themselves at the courts on the bank of the river Djetinja. TV crew of the most popular Uzice television TV 5, and the crew of the show “This is Serbia” from Radio Television of Serbia attended the event, and enabled wider audience to feel the positive energy at the tournament. Radio Luna Uzice also sent their crew, and just like TV5, in the days preceding the “Trojka iz bloka,” they had been inviting people of good will to join the action of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs.

Jovan (FTP), Mlata and Cobran (Sick Touch)

Bogdan (FTP)

We owe deep gratitude to our sponsors and technical sponsors for the quality of the tournament and donations. The Industrial Union of Prvi Partizan made a contribution of 20,000 RSD, the Union of Elektrodistribucija Uzice JP, 15,000 RSD, Metalac-Elektro D.O.O. 10,000 RSD and Auto Centar ERE 7,000 RSD. “Makamara” café and Dusko G. donated 3,000 RSD, and “Skala” club 4,000 RSD. Sloboda BC, being a technical sponsor, donated 5,000 RSD for juices for participants, and “Blue Moon” pie shop provided participants and organizers with flatbreads. Guys from the “NEXT” festival provided chips and plastic cups and also a big number of volunteers. Uzice Red Cross and Uzice Tourist organization provided the sound equipment, and “Ribolovac” Citizens Association provided sun umbrellas at the court, and apart from the sanitaryware for the Milicevic family, worth 35,000 RSD, they also provided space for the charity after party at their club in the town center, where people donated 9,300 RSD in the collection box.

Gazda Paja, Vojke, Palke and DJ Buraz – Zvezde Grajma

Sale L (THC la Familia)

We owe special gratitude to Javno preduzece “Big Park”, for providing us with the courts and technical support at the tournament, and prizes for the best shooters – tickets for the City swimming pool. Uzice Aero Club provided another prize – flying in the aircrafts of their club in Ponikve, near Uzice. The city of Uzice and the City Cultural Center also gave their support to the tournament. In the following days, other contributions will also be added to the sum raised at the tournament: Mozzart Bookmaker - 7,000 RSD, “Blue Moon” pie shop - 7,000 RSD and Arsic Pharmacy - 10,000 RSD.  

Luka Savic (3rd place), Filip Smiljanic (1st place) and Nikola Mirkovic (2nd place)

The best shooters at the tournament, where the sum of 27,470 RSD was raised, were Filip Smiljanic (first place), Nikola Mirkovic (second place) and Luka Savic (third place). We congratulate the winners and all participants! A big thanks to all sponsors and donors!

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