July 17, 2015

Successful “Trojka” in Banatski Karlovac

On Sunday July 12 on the great feast of Holy Apostles Peter and Paul we held successful “Trojka iz bloka” in Banatski Karlovac. The slava of this peaceful place in Southern Banat was marked this year by the cheerful sport-charity manifestation on the field near the stadium. Many people, from the youngest to the oldest, gathered to see the magic of “Trojka iz bloka”. The devotion of Alibunar Municipality and Local Community Banatski Karlovac, as well as the popular rap group THC La Familija in cooperation with the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs led to the fulfillment of another major step towards the goal of “Trojka iz bloka”. Over eighty contestants applied for shooting three-pointers and we collected 24.870 dinars which would be used for helping the multiple children socially disadvantaged family from Southern Banat!

We also expect the donations from the Alibunar Municipality and many businessmen from this area, which shows that the idea and mission of the tournament are well excepted and helped from the most respectable places! Great number of people on the field showed they cared about their neighbors and that they are aware they can help them!

Young and talented Jasmina Pavlovic, member of the KUD “Dobrica Milutinovic” solemnly performed the anthem of the Republic of Serbia “God of Justice” and thus opened the tournament. After that, Mr. Milos Simovic from the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs addressed the gathered, as well as Petar Radulovic, president of the Council of the Local Community Banatski Karlovac, who thanked his fellow citizens for coming in a great number to support the tournament, but also to Charity organization Serbs for Serbs and the rap group THC La Familija who decided to extol the slava of this beautiful place with cheerful manifestation, and enrich the life of everyone in Banatski Karlovac with good intentions. “There are people and good deeds” – said Petar. Prior to the beginning of the tournament, members of the KUD “Dobrica Milutinovic” showed by dancing and singing how to celebrate slava. Their appearance made everyone present smile, and reminded them of the most beautiful heritage of the Serbian tradition.

The hosts of another sport-charity project were our brothers and friends from one of the most popular rap groups in Serbia – THC La Familija. Stefan comes from Banatski Karlovac, and as can be seen from his verses – “you will find me there with my ancestors” – he is a person who is not forgetting his roots. He paid a tribute to his place by bringing great people, his friends, benefactors, musicians and sportsmen who made this festive day more beautiful to everyone in Banatski Karlovac.

He and brother Bore were running the programme and showed again that the magic of “Trojka iz bloka” is inseparably connected to their charm and jokes. They had a nice word for everyone, cheered the youngest and those who were having second thoughts about applying for the tournament. At some point we reached the number of eighty contestants! There were no time for waiting and watching. In the pause between the first part of the competition and the finals, these wonderful boys performed their two songs: “You are going to Canada” and the victory song of our basketball and football representation: “Play and win”. After them, a great friend of the tournament “Trojka iz bloka”, seminarian, rapper and a humanitarian Uncle Dzo performed, and reminded the present of the great goalkeeper of the Red Star Zvonko Milojevic with his hit “Win Miloje”. The DJ of THC La Familija and official DJ of “Trojka iz bloka” Sale L provided top fun for everyone.

The best shooters on the tournament were Filip Filipovic who won the first place with 21 three pointers, Nikola Hocevar with 16 shots was on the second place, and a lady Snezana Zekic won the third place with 11 shots, thus defending the honor of the ladies. We congratulate the best, and to all who attended and exalted this solemn day for all of us!

Become the part of “Trojka iz bloka”!

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