November 08, 2016

Successful presentation of SFS at the 61st Book Fair

At the 61st Book Fair in Belgrade, which was held from 23rd to 30th October, people from Belgrade and the rest of Serbia and region as well could get information about the work and successes of the Charity organization 'Serbs for Serbs'. Dear friends, supporters and people who have already donated were the guests of the organization for the second year in a row, this time on two stands, in the Hall 4. Together, among all the books and publishers, they have written new pages and successes of this decade-long charity work.

Charity boutique and the newest editions of the annual reports about the organization and its work were an absolute success and a fresh new experience for the book fair visitors. Thanks to the hardworking, dedicated and smiling volunteers who spent whole days behind the stands welcoming the fair visitors and informing them about the organization, the net of donators was broaden and nobody was left indifferent.

The organization's motto-donate and help-got its full meaning at the fair. There were three boxes for donations and people of all generations, from the youngest school boys and girls to elderly people made their contributions. There was something for everybody on the stands - badges, stickers, cups and flags. One of the stands was completely dedicated to the biggest project of the Charity organization "Serbs for Serbs"-Trojka iz Bloka and Igor Rakocevic, Nemanja Blazic Triki, Dj Kobazz, guys from THC La Famila and Skabo welcomed the guests there.

A lot of visitors at the fair and people from every part of Serbia who reacted positively to the organization's presentation once again proved that the Charity boutique stands out with its most attractive patriotic motifs and that it finds its path to the hearts of people with the carefully selected verses and pictures. Verses dedicated to Stevan Sindjelic and the words of King Nikola about Bar liberation left especially positive impression to the readership of the 61st book fair. A living legend of Serbian poetry Matija Beckovic visited our stands and bought a T-shirt with king Nikola's words printed - "You will see us again- that is the least we can do".

The stand this year was not special only because of the verses- with the blessing from the monastery Visoki Decani, goat, sheep and cow cheese made by the monks was sold as well as a famous Decani's wine and in this way the financial situation of the monastery which is the last bastion of Serbs in disrupted Metohija was improved .

Independent students' association "Svi za Kosmet" took part in the book fair together with the Charity organization "Srbi za Srbe" and proudly presented its offer for the upcoming trips to the holy Serbian land. Fair visitors frequently stopped to see an interesting content- mostly it was Decani's cheese as well as an easily recognizable poster about a trip to Kosovo and Metohija.

Big and successful action at the fair was finished with 162.380 RSD of donations but the biggest success was definitely a great number of people who have heard about the organization for the first time and who have, after reading the report and short introduction, become our friends, supporters and people who will also donate in the future!

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