September 17, 2015

Successful first tournament in Zemun!
The sport-charity project “Trojka iz bloka” opened a new page in Zemun! On Friday, September 11, 2015, shortly after 6pm the anthem of the Republic of Serbia “God of Justice”, performed by the young singing star Andjela Tasic, was heard from the speakers in the court of the elementary school “Svetozar Miletic”, officially opening the first tournament and commencing the history of “Trojka iz bloka” in Zemun! The beginning of a beautiful friendship was marked by the great attendance in one of the most beautiful Belgrade elementary schools. Thanks to great endeavor of our proud sponsors from Zemun, and the wonderful personnel of ES “Svetozar Miletic” headed by the principal Miroljub Mosurovic, we collected in Zemun 90.740 dinars and 20 EUR, of which 33.740 dinars and 20 EUR on the tournament and 57.000 dinars from the proud sponsors!

Thanks to inhabitants of Zemun of big heart! 57 applied contestants, children and parents, sport, music and actor legends, all gathered near the basketball field and united in the mission of helping the socially disadvantaged multiple children families throughout Serbia and the Republic of Srpska – a wonderful image which “Trojka iz bloka” continues to sent to the world!
Ivan Bekjarev and Bane Ekser supported the tournament “Trojka iz bloka”

While the young singing star was singing the song “Magla padnala”, the team for performing the first shot was gathered, representing all the best that Serbia has – sport and art: one of the best handball players of Serbia and the world Nedeljko Jovanovic, the bard of the Serbian acting Ivan Bekjarev, one of the initiators of hip-hop in Serbia Marko CYA, the Zemun rock legend Bane ekser, front man of the band Zardjali esker, and Ramirez from one of the leading bands in Serbia today – Feud.
Marko from the group CYA
Ramirez from the group Feud
Nedeljko Jovanovic, handball representative of Serbia

So many talents, humor, experience and champions in one place! Beautiful surroundings in the court of ES “Svetozar Miletic” intensified this dreamlike image while the evening was falling down, the lights were being lit on the façade and the whole scene was becoming even grander. While the balls were flying towards the basket, Mr. Milos Simovic, spokesman of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs and two legendary DJs: official DJ of “Trojka iz bloka” Sale L THCF and the urbane legend of Belgrade Paja Koba33 took over the speakers from Andjela Tasic. The two of them were shooting three-pointers and playing hits, while Milos Simovic was encouraging inhabitants of Zemun to apply in the greatest number possible, and called upon the contestants to shoot three-pointers.
Andjela Tasic singing the anthem “God of Justice” before the commencement of the tournament

Wonderful start of a beautiful friendship between Zemun and “Trojka iz bloka”! We will welcome the years to come together, ready to face the problems and solve them united! Our proud sponsors who have done a lot in organizing and promoting the tournament in Zemun were: Macado Tavern, Total group, Modelia, Pro Zis team, Nikola promet, Semlin Café and Liberty market. Charity organization Serbs for Serbs thanks these wonderful people who decided to move people from Zemun and do something substantial for their disadvantaged neighbors. Their energy promises great actions! Aware of the fact that our little means a lot to someone, we continue to fight united for the better future of all socially disadvantaged multiple children families throughout Serbia and the region. While the first tournament was coming to its end, the inhabitants of Zemun had the opportunity to meet the young hope of the Serbian rap scene and great friend of “Trojka iz bloka”, the young seminarian Uncle Dzo who presented himself through songs and incisive lyrics.
Famous Belgrade rap singer Uncle Dzo
Winners of the first tournament “Trojka iz bloka” in Zemun

The competitive spirit of “Trojka iz bloka” is best seen in the final round of each tournament. In Zemun the struggle was fair and not easy at all. The best were placed in the final round, and in Zemun it encompassed the competitors of both genders and all generations: elementary and high school pupils, students, mothers and fathers. The winners were Igor Kitanovic – first place, golden medal and a trophy “Trojka iz bloka”, second place – Vuk Rajovic who won the silver medal and the third place and a bronze medal went to Vukan Popovic. The greatest winner was Zemun who become the member of “Trojka iz bloka” family, and victoriously continues the row on tournaments in September, the basketball month, in which our representation is incontinently marching towards the finale of European Championship! The atmosphere from the first tournament in Zemun can be partly felt on the photos on the official Facebook page “Trojka iz bloka”. Wonderful month for the devotees of basketball! Join us to celebrate it together! Become the part of “Trojka iz bloka”!

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