April 17, 2015

Successful Easter action in Kosmet

The Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS, in cooperation and with great help of the friends from EHO “Majka devet Jugovica”, from Gracanica, delivered big aid for 11 Serbian families in Kosovo and Metohija, for the biggest Christian holiday, Easter. 55 sheep and 22 lambs, in the total value of 800,000 RSD, were distributed to the families. For the first time, the animals were bought in the Diocesan sheep and goat farm in Novo Brdo, opened at the end of 2013, and run by the organization “Majka devet Jugovica.” Funds earned from selling the sheep will be directed towards new projects of agricultural production in the municipality of Novo Brdo.

The organization SERBS FOR SERBS will certainly continue to carry out this and similar projects, primarily in cooperation with EHO “Majka devet Jugovica”, as well as with other fraternal charity organizations worldwide, which aim at making socially disadvantaged families financially independent by creating possibilities for work, production and selling of agricultural products in Kosovo and Metohija.

Each family received a donation of 5 sheep and 2 lambs, and the following is a list of the families together with the photo report:

The village of Rajanovce
1. Djordjevic Boban – lives with his father, mother, wife and two children: Vasilije (3), Kristina (1.5)


2. Milenkovic Zoran – lives with his wife and two children: Miljana (22), Jelena (18)

3. Naskovic Mile – lives with his wife and two children: Igor (27), Jovana (10)

4. Nikolic Predrag – lives with his wife and two children: Branislav (21), Milos (12), and his unmarried older brother

The village of Korminjane
5. Jovanovic Ivan – lives with his mother, wife and three children: Mirjana (17), Milan (16), Katarina (12)

6. Filipovic Nebojsa – lives with his wife, his three children: Marko (18), Milica (16), Tamara (10), and his mother Borka, who is 100 years old

7. Arsic Dragan – lives with his wife


The village of Kusce
8. Djordjevic Velimir – lives with his wife, son, his daughter-in-law and three grandchildren: Nemanja (12), Petar (7), Vukan (3.5)


The village of Prekovce
9. Filipovic Tihomir – lives with his mother, his wife and four children: Dijana (14), Dejan (13), Danijela (12), Darko (10)

10. Mitrovic Vladimir – lives with his wife and two children: Vladimir (34), Milos (26)


The village of Ranilug
11. Stoilkovic Dejan – lives with his wife and three children: Marija (12), Marko (10), Mihajlo (4)

We call upon all donors worldwide to support this and other numerous projects of the Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS by REGULAR MONTLY DONATIONS, so that much needed aid would reach a vast number of socially disadvantaged families and their children as soon as possible.

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