February 27, 2015

Successful Christmas action in Krajina

In order to make Christmas joyful for everyone, we modestly made the effort this time as well to deliver aid to 18 Serbian multiple children families from the area of Dalmatia, Lika, Banovina, Kordun and Eastern Slavonia, who count 56 children altogether. The total value of the aid delivered by the Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS in this CHRISTMAS ACTION was 8,120 €.

Vuletic family from Kula Atlagica

In Kula Atlagica, in the area of Dalmatia, the aid was delivered to the Vuletic family consisting of the parents, Milan and Slavica, and the children, Milos (18), Mladen (12), Nikolina (4) and Vlado (3). This time, we helped the Vuletic family by delivering them a gas electric combination stove.

Zmiric family from Miranje near Benkovac

After that, we deliver aid to our old acquaintances, the Zmiric family from Miranje near Benkovac. The family consists of the father, Dusko and the children, Kasandra (11), Kristina (10), Dijana (8), Dusko (7), Aleksandar (5) and Maja (4). This large family was provided with an Alfa wood-burning stove and basic groceries.

Radmilovic family from Zegar village

In the village of Zegar, we reach the Radmilovic family, consisting of the parents, Vladimir and Suzana and the children, Ognjen (9) and Andjela (3). The Radmilovic family was also provided with an Alfa wood-burning stove.

Baljak family from Obrovac

In neighboring Obrovac, once again we help a family whom we have met before. It is the Baljak family, consisting of the parents, Trivun and Radmila and the children, Petar (19), Branko (17), Milana (15), Bozidar (13), Biljana (12) and Zeljko (10). We made the Baljaks happy for Christmas by delivering them a couch and used sewing machine, which will help the mother, Radmila in her everyday work of patching up clothes, and it will also create the opportunity of earning some extra money for her family.

Buljevic family in their home

By the river Zrmanja, we visit the Buljevic family, consisting of the parents Ljubo and Slobodanka and the children, Dragana (7) and Marija (3). The Buljevic family was provided with the material for central heating installation and sweets for the youngest.

Zelic family in their home with donated gas electric combination stove

The last family from Dalmatia that we helped was the Zelic family, who had recently suffered a family tragedy when the father of the family had passed away after a serious illness. The family consists of Gordana, who is now a single mother, and the children, Milan (12), Aleksandar (10), and Nikola (8). This time, we provided the Zelic family with a gas electric combination stove.

Youngest of Jazic family from Donji Lapac on their new bed

The next area where we managed to help several of our families is Lika, more specifically the parish of Donji Lapac. The Jazic family, consisting of the parents, Dragan and Angelina and the children, Dusko (14), Milka (12) and Goran (11), was helped through purchasing a bed, table and sweets for the youngest.

Ovuka family with their new freestanding stove for heating children’s room

After the Jazic family, the aid reaches the Ovuka family consisting of the parents, Jandrija and Senada and their children, the twins Marija and Milan (10) and Mira (7). We helped them by purchasing a small wood stove (freestanding stove) so that they could heat the children’s room.

Kovacevic family with donations from our organization

The last family who received aid was the Kovacevic family, consisting of the parents, Milorad and Vera and the children, Dusan (12), and Natasa (18). They were provided with a washing machine, washing detergent and sweets for the children.

Panic family in their home

Significant aid was also delivered to the Panic family from the area of Korenica. This six-member family was helped through purchasing a pregnant cow in the value of 950 Euros.

Dukic family from Gracac got new couches

Our next stop in Lika was the area of Gracac, where aid for two families was delivered. The first family in this area was the Dukic family, consisting of the parents Milenko and Nikolina, and the children, Sandra (23), Gordana (22), Sava (16), Danijel (10) and David (2). We delivered three couches to this large family.

Gajic family with donations from our organization

The Gajic family, in which the grandparents raise their grandson Nemanja (13), was helped through purchasing kitchen cabinets, and a desk and chair for the primary school student, Nemanja. Part of the money was also intended for other children in this parish, so, in agreement with the local priest, we made several children happy on St Sava’s Day in Gracac and Srb by giving them sacks filled with sweets.

Christmas sacks for children in Srb and Gracac

Mutic family from Kordun received considerable aid from the organization

The aid also reached three families in the parish of Topusko in Kordun. First, we went to a place called Blatusa and helped the Mutic family, consisting of the parents, Matija and Milka and the children, Dejan (10), Stefan (9), Natasa (5) and the baby Daliborka (5 months old). We delivered them a freestanding stove, floor tiles and chest freezer.

Sokolovic family got the material for family house fix-up

The Sokolovic family from a place called Perna, consisting of the parents Nikola and Mirjana, and the children Nikolina (3) and Miroslav (1), was helped through purchasing the construction material for the family house repairs (plasterboard, paneling and softwood flooring).

Bed delivered to Dajana Cvjeticanin

The last family we help in this area is the Cvjeticanin family, consisting of the grandparents, Rade and Nada and their granddaughter, Dajana (12). This modest family was helped through purchasing a bed for Dajana.

Fridge and jackets for Slavnic family from Banovina

From the time we started helping families in the area of Krajina, this was the first time we delivered aid to families from the area of Petrinja in Banovina. The first family we helped was the Slavnic family, consisting of the parents, Milorad and Nevenka, and the children Jovo (20), Dragan (19), Milan (11), Jovana (9), and Dragana (4). We helped the Slavnic family through purchasing a fridge freezer and three jackets for the youngest members of this family.

Dragic family with aid provided by our organization

The second family we helped in the area of Petrinja was the Dragic family, consisting of the grandparents Radojka and Milos, parents, Zoran and Danijela, and the four-month-old baby Vasilije. We helped the Dragic family through purchasing two mattresses, water heater, multipractic for baby food preparation, diapers, baby creams and other basic necessities.

Alfa wood-burning stove delivered to Mrksic family

The last family on the aid list was the Mrksic family from Bijelo Brdo near Osijek in Eastern Slavonija. The family consists of the parents, Rajko and Ruzica, and the children, Dragan (16), and Sladjana (11). The family was helped through the delivery of an Alfa wood-burning stove.

By doing this extensive action of aid delivery to numerous Serbian families from the area of Krajina, we wanted to make the holiday of Nativity in some way happier for a small number of children living far away from the world, in the remote places where the Serbian people still lives. With wholehearted logistical support of the friends of the organization and the priesthood of the Dioceses of Dalmatia and Upper Karlovac, another Christmas action was carried out successfully. We are preparing another, very extensive Easter action aimed at helping even larger number of families from the area of Krajina, so we wish to appeal to kind-hearted and patriotic people to get involved.   

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