July 13, 2016

Strength of “Trojka iz Bloka” in Trsic

On Sunday, June 19, the first Trojka iz Bloka was held in the Loznica area, in a small but famous place called Trsic! It was held in the gym of Vuk school memorial, where 96 shooters participated, raising 25,730 Dinars from participation fees. Great result of the first tournament in Loznica was magnified by the blessing of priest BorkoPetrovic, who is among the most credited for incredibly successful tournament. At 6PM, the children of Trsic, Jevrosima Petrovic and Nikola Nikolic, performed the anthem of the Republic of Serbia, and the long-awaited tournament could start!



On behalf of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs, the people present were greeted by Milos Simovic, and on behalf of the City of Loznica, Mr. Nenad Ristic. The people were also addressed by Nedeljko Jovanovic, legend of the Serbian and European handball, and a big friend of the sports-charity project Trojka iz Bloka! The tournament was also supported by entire Serbia’s national cadet basketball team, as well as Kickboxing club Lesnica, Boxing club Loznica, Boxing club Rokica, Handball club Loznica, and Women’s handball club Loznica. Numerous sportspeople, humanists, and basketball lovers were entertained by the guys from THC La Familija, and technical sponsors Grafika and Nikolic Store donated food for the humane shooters.




Great unity of people from the Loznica area borne fruit and everyone left home full of impressions and with a new strength and faith that problems can be solved when people join forces! The best among the shooters in the final were: Rastko Stankovic with 14 shots, Stefan Milovanovic with 12 shots, and Ognjen Babic with a shot less.


The tournament was also supported by proud sponsors: Royal Spa with 10,000 Dinars, Stim import with 7,000 Dinars, as well as donors: Fotokeramika and Kozar with 5,000 each, Delta man with 4,000 Dinars, Rotary club Loznica with 3,000 Dinars and Eco team D.O.O. with 1,000 Dinars. The sum raised at the tournament will be augmented by the sum of 206,000 Dinars, raised the Charity derby for the children of Loznica, which was sort of an announcement of the tournament!

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