February 03, 2012

St. Sava's day in Old Serbia

Report: Predrag Marinkovic, Serbia /SERBIAN REPORT/ /BILLS/ /PHOTO/
In the scope of the great Christmas action, immediately after the celebration of the St. Sava's day, we visited Old Serbia. By this visit we unofficially finished great Christmas action, which we commenced in the beginning of December. We visited a total of 5 families from Staro Nagoričane and Tabanovci near Kumanovo. Because of the other actions conducted within the Christmas action, the visits to the families Serafimović, Nikolić (Staro Nagoričane), Trajković Goran, Trajković Sveta and Đorđević (Tabanovce) were only of informative character. We become acquainted with the problems and needs of these families, and we will treat them in the months ahead of us.
Like many times before, we used the action to visit one of many Serbian sanctuaries. This time we visited the monastery St. Prohor Pčinjski. It has been a place of gathering and help to the Serbian people in the difficult times, and it kept its role today.
After the visit to the monastery, we arrived in Kumanovo at our friends', who helped us organize the action of the visit to the families, and who will help, in the future period, to deliver the help we provide.
The first family we visited was the family of Dalibor Serafimović, whom we helped several times before. The family still has problems because of the health condition of little Milena, although it has been significantly improved after two operations of kidneys. One of the problems the family has is the lack of bathroom, so we decided to get them the material to equip a bathroom. We also promised to help during Milena's comings to see a doctor in Belgrade, according to our possibilities.
A good deed wakes the best in people, and that was precisely the case with Dalibor Serafimović. He suggested we should visit the Nikolić family, consisting of the father Marijan, his wife and four children: Tamara (11), Rosa (10) and a newborn twins Luka and Luna (4 months old). Although the family lives in a decent house, only one room is suitable for life, and the whole family sleeps and spends its time in that room. Father Marijan seems like a hard-working and capable host, who has done most of the construction works in the house by himself. Unfortunately, the family doesn't have a bathroom. The family has expressed the desire to breed pigs, so our potential help might focus on that. The youngest need a double decker bed.
In the Serbian village Tabanovce we visited the families of two brothers Trajković – Goran and Sveta. We have already helped the family of Goran, because we bought the washing machine the last time we visited them, on which they thanked us again. The situation in these two families resembles the situation of the Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija, due to the immense poverty. We agreed to help Goran's family by getting the pigs for breed, as well as tables and chairs.
We visited the family of Sveta Trjković for the first time. There are two children in the family, Kristina (12) and Mario (7). We found out they need a washing machine, a water heater and the material for the reconstruction of the chimney. The children asked us to get them a wall clock and a small tape recorder, which testifies on the poverty of this family. As we promised, we will try to fulfil their demands.
We also visited the family of Stojanče and Kalina Đorđević, who live near families Trajković. They have two children, Lidija (16) and Zlatko (12). When we asked them what they need, and how we could help them, we were surprised by Lidija's answer, because she instantly said they needed 2,000 EUR. We were caught for a moment, until she explained it to us. Lidija has a problem with her leg, possibly a consequence of the doctor's mistake. One of her legs is shorter than the other, which is causing her great problems when she walks. The sum she mentioned is a minimal one to provide the prosthesis which could help her in the normalization of her life. Apart from that problem, this family doesn't have a bathroom nor a washing machine. We hope we will be able to provide material for the bathroom, and thus help their living conditions.
We complited the action on the celebration of St. Sava's day, held in Kumanovo. Like in several times before, when we visited the Old Serbia, we use the opportunity to visit the memorial charnel Zebrnjak, a sanctuary dedicated to the victorious Serbian army in the Kumanovo battle of 1912. This year in October is a 100th anniversary of the battle, and a great manifestation is planned for that occasion.
The position of the Serbian people in Old Serbia is still very difficult, and they face everyday discrimination. We can be encouraged by the growing national consciousness of our people in that area, but the Serbian state and governmental and non-governmental institutions must provide additional help in order to strengthen the position of the Serbian community in Old Serbia.
With the faith in God!
Predrag Marinković

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