March 31, 2014

Charity night "Srcem za Dragojevice"

Report: SFS Chicago  /PHOTO GALLERY/
On Saturday, March 22 2014, a small group of good hearted people got together at Adriatic Café in Chicago for a good cause. The goal was to raise funds to help the Dragojevic family build a new home. On a cold Chicago night, when it was easier to stay home in a warm bed, these good people came out to support the work of our Humanitarian Organization Serbs for Serbs and help the Dragojevic family. And help they did, these 40 or so people were able to raise $2,105 dollars in a single evening for this family in need.

Along with the $300 donation from Riggz Transport and $200 from Beograd Café, Serbs for Serbs in Chicago was able to collect $2,605 for the Dragojevic family. The atmosphere that evening was wonderful thanks to the talented Milos Djordjevic who not only donated his services for the evening, but was the original spark to have the event for the Dragojevic family. Also, a special thank you has to be given to Adriatic Café and owner Tanja Mirovic for allowing us to have our charity event in their wonderful location.

Hopefully, we will have many more events at Adriatic and can, together, help many more struggling Serbian families. Many of our donors this evening are good friends of our organization, but we also met many new people who were moved by what we are trying to do. It is only proof that there are still many good people in this world who are willing to help those in need.

We here in Chicago will continue to do what we can to make the lives of those children and their families better and better.

Petko Petkovich
SFS Chicago

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